Little Staughton parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Little Staughton parish. Little Staughton contains approximately 180 households with a population of about 437 (2011 census)

Code: E04011898
Part of: Bedford
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK44 2AQ52.247485-0.380172510684262270TL106622Yes
MK44 2BH52.251697-0.382836510492262734TL104627Yes
MK44 2BJ52.252007-0.382458510517262769TL105627Yes
MK44 2BL52.253219-0.382971510479262903TL104629Yes
MK44 2BP52.250153-0.389558510037262552TL100625Yes
MK44 2BS52.254214-0.384781510353263011TL103630Yes
MK44 2BT52.249733-0.382527510518262516TL105625Yes
MK44 2BU52.256064-0.389226510045263210TL100632Yes
MK44 2BW52.250257-0.383689510437262572TL104625Yes
MK44 2BX52.247662-0.380331510673262289TL106622Yes
MK44 2BY52.241983-0.376686510936261663TL109616Yes
MK44 2BZ52.238639-0.376735510941261291TL109612Yes
MK44 2LF52.228116-0.37911510805260117TL108601Yes
MK44 2SX52.265901-0.393481509730264298TL097642Yes
MK44 2TA52.261364-0.394119509698263792TL096637Yes
MK44 2TB52.238832-0.388151510161261295TL101612Yes
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