Brogborough parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Brogborough parish. Brogborough contains approximately 127 households with a population of about 303 (2011 census)

Code: E04011933
Part of: Central Bedfordshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK17 8BS52.034447-0.614948495109238243SP951382Yes
MK43 0SW52.033915-0.598717496223238205SP962382Yes
MK43 0UL52.031605-0.595137496474237953SP964379Yes
MK43 0XP52.026473-0.594511496528237383SP965373Yes
MK43 0XR52.026216-0.594825496507237354SP965373No
MK43 0XX52.029027-0.602732495959237656SP959376No
MK43 0XY52.034268-0.59735496316238246SP963382Yes
MK43 0XZ52.03385-0.596423496381238201SP963382Yes
MK43 0YA52.034213-0.594458496515238244SP965382Yes
MK43 0YB52.034529-0.596081496403238277SP964382Yes
MK43 0YD52.041282-0.59818496245239025SP962390Yes
MK43 0YL52.032151-0.592657496643238017SP966380Yes
MK43 0ZA52.029134-0.593043496623237681SP966376Yes
MK43 0ZT52.029145-0.59302496625237682SP966376Yes
MK43 0ZY52.02953-0.599699496166237716SP961377Yes
MK43 0ZZ52.0286-0.594998496490237619SP964376No
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