Chalgrave parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Chalgrave parish. Chalgrave contains approximately 214 households with a population of about 501 (2011 census)

Code: E04011936
Part of: Central Bedfordshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LU5 6HT51.93742-0.518829501922227582TL019275Yes
LU5 6JL51.927017-0.526026501451226415TL014264Yes
LU5 6JN51.935142-0.534367500859227307TL008273Yes
LU7 9PY51.918765-0.56547498757225443SP987254Yes
LU7 9PZ51.926532-0.570516498393226300SP983262Yes
LU7 9QA51.929904-0.561678498993226687SP989266Yes
LU7 9QB51.931336-0.561084499031226847SP990268Yes
LU7 9QD51.931157-0.558219499228226831SP992268Yes
LU7 9QE51.931417-0.557411499283226861SP992268Yes
LU7 9QF51.930196-0.559065499172226723SP991267Yes
LU7 9QG51.929804-0.558656499201226680SP992266Yes
LU7 9QH51.926013-0.54723499995226274SP999262Yes
LU7 9QJ51.924739-0.547416499985226132SP999261Yes
LU7 9QN51.926014-0.546575500040226275TL000262Yes
LU7 9QP51.929103-0.560147499100226600SP991265No
LU7 9QQ51.92787-0.557103499312226467SP993264Yes
LU7 9QR51.929104-0.558043499245226603SP992266Yes
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