Eversholt parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Eversholt parish. Eversholt contains approximately 175 households with a population of about 451 (2011 census)

Code: E04011946
Part of: Central Bedfordshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
MK17 9DL51.982902-0.569955498308232570SP983325Yes
MK17 9DP51.990622-0.585337497235233408SP972334Yes
MK17 9DR51.988903-0.57776497759233227SP977332Yes
MK17 9DS51.987672-0.570328498272233100SP982330Yes
MK17 9DT51.983473-0.569588498332232634SP983326Yes
MK17 9DU51.981622-0.568278498426232430SP984324Yes
MK17 9DX51.978398-0.575195497958232062SP979320Yes
MK17 9DY51.985155-0.562297498829232831SP988328Yes
MK17 9DZ51.987095-0.559904498989233050SP989330Yes
MK17 9EA51.990625-0.558888499051233444SP990334Yes
MK17 9EB51.996386-0.57123498191234068SP981340Yes
MK17 9ED51.985585-0.556915499198232886SP991328Yes
MK17 9EE51.987304-0.550548499631233086SP996330Yes
MK17 9EF51.987163-0.54783499818233074SP998330Yes
MK17 9EZ51.985855-0.554134499388232920SP993329Yes
MK17 9FB52.002006-0.55496499296234715SP992347Yes
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