Freystrop parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Freystrop parish. Freystrop contains approximately 242 households with a population of about 574 (2011 census)

Code: W04000940
Part of: Pembrokeshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
SA61 1BL51.759129-4.973297194900210899SM949108No
SA62 4EA51.761622-4.96561195442211155SM954111Yes
SA62 4ET51.771689-4.957437196051212251SM960122Yes
SA62 4EU51.762293-4.962707195645211221SM956112Yes
SA62 4EX51.762302-4.965002195487211229SM954112Yes
SA62 4EY51.759545-4.970382195103210937SM951109Yes
SA62 4FB51.762207-4.96201195693211210SM956112Yes
SA62 4HA51.761657-4.959752195846211142SM958111Yes
SA62 4HB51.756748-4.956112196075210586SM960105Yes
SA62 4HD51.755586-4.961181195720210471SM957104Yes
SA62 4HE51.753267-4.953788196220210193SM962101Yes
SA62 4LB51.774026-4.965346195516212533SM955125Yes
SA62 4LD51.765112-4.961457195744211531SM957115Yes
SA62 4LE51.764212-4.96579195441211443SM954114Yes
SA62 4LG51.763465-4.960436195807211345SM958113Yes
SA62 4LQ51.763711-4.952643196346211351SM963113Yes
SA62 4NJ51.751552-4.953527196230210001SM962100Yes
SA62 4NN51.755081-4.963032195590210420SM955104Yes
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