Braybrooke parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Braybrooke parish. Braybrooke contains approximately 164 households with a population of about 370 (2011 census)

Code: E04006766
Part of: North Northamptonshire
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LE16 8GL52.452198-0.886865475743284387SP757843No
LE16 8HA52.465401-0.867648477026285876SP770858Yes
LE16 8HB52.456696-0.843234478700284934SP786849Yes
LE16 8JW52.44163-0.862961477386283237SP773832Yes
LE16 8LD52.454801-0.878749476290284685SP762846Yes
LE16 8LE52.45235-0.873618476643284418SP766844Yes
LE16 8LF52.451485-0.863897477305284332SP773843Yes
LE16 8LG52.448734-0.850902478193284040SP781840Yes
LE16 8LH52.449782-0.875876476494284130SP764841Yes
LE16 8LJ52.45538-0.878249476323284750SP763847Yes
LE16 8LL52.466315-0.893871475243285950SP752859Yes
LE16 8LN52.450431-0.877008476416284201SP764842Yes
LE16 8LP52.455291-0.859666477586284760SP775847Yes
LE16 8LQ52.450775-0.875366476527284241SP765842Yes
LE16 8LR52.453835-0.87455476577284582SP765845Yes
LE16 8LS52.451786-0.874884476558284354SP765843Yes
LE16 8LW52.453102-0.877895476351284497SP763844Yes
LE16 8NQ52.45425-0.877749476359284625SP763846Yes
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