Hartleyburn parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Hartleyburn parish. Hartleyburn contains approximately 78 households with a population of about 183 (2011 census)

Code: E04010792
Part of: Northumberland
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CA6 7LA54.921828-2.54582365114558707NY651587No
CA6 7LB54.920226-2.542382365333558527NY653585No
CA6 7LD54.920185-2.54157365385558522NY653585No
CA6 7LE54.920015-2.539352365527558502NY655585No
CA6 7LF54.920177-2.535142365797558518NY657585No
CA6 7LG54.920789-2.52256366604558580NY666585No
CA6 7LS54.923824-2.545707365123558929NY651589No
CA6 7NE54.932211-2.544978365177559862NY651598No
CA6 7NF54.924548-2.538477365587559006NY655590No
CA8 7LA54.921828-2.54582365114558707NY651587Yes
CA8 7LB54.920218-2.542304365338558526NY653585Yes
CA8 7LD54.920167-2.54157365385558520NY653585Yes
CA8 7LE54.920015-2.539337365528558502NY655585Yes
CA8 7LF54.920166-2.535149365797558517NY657585Yes
CA8 7LS54.923806-2.545707365123558927NY651589Yes
CA8 7NE54.932211-2.544962365178559862NY651598Yes
CA8 7NF54.92449-2.538764365569559000NY655589Yes
NE49 0JN54.945104-2.541624365403561295NY654612Yes
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