Burton Salmon parish postcodes

This page provides postcode data for the Burton Salmon parish. Burton Salmon contains approximately 191 households with a population of about 419 (2011 census)

Code: E04012520
Part of: Selby
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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
LS25 5GZ53.741357-1.254942449239427477SE492274Yes
LS25 5JH53.743744-1.261541448801427738SE488277Yes
LS25 5JL53.743914-1.262842448715427756SE487277Yes
LS25 5JN53.743933-1.264529448604427757SE486277Yes
LS25 5JP53.737976-1.263405448685427095SE486270Yes
LS25 5JQ53.744495-1.259451448938427823SE489278Yes
LS25 5JR53.739635-1.25849449007427283SE490272Yes
LS25 5JS53.740545-1.255806449183427386SE491273Yes
LS25 5JT53.740035-1.25486449246427330SE492273Yes
LS25 5JU53.738458-1.25422449290427155SE492271Yes
LS25 5JW53.742342-1.263037448704427581SE487275Yes
LS25 5JX53.736739-1.255267449223426963SE492269Yes
LS25 5JY53.741387-1.258277449019427478SE490274Yes
LS25 5JZ53.749653-1.246319449798428406SE497284Yes
LS25 5ND53.741274-1.256051449166427467SE491274Yes
LS25 5NE53.741477-1.25538449210427490SE492274Yes
LS25 5NX53.739923-1.255635449195427317SE491273Yes
LS25 5PG53.740311-1.258706448992427358SE489273Yes
LS25 5RA53.740242-1.254917449242427353SE492273Yes
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