Property sales in CV12 0 postcode area Nuneaton & Bedworth

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the CV12 0 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Bedworth, Bulkington, Nuneaton & Bedworth, based on the records of the Land Registry

42 Newcomen Road, Bedworth, CV12 0EUSemi-detached (freehold)2019-09-23£160,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-04-05£98,000
26 Keenan Drive, Bedworth, CV12 0EHSemi-detached (freehold)2019-09-20£142,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2003-10-31£74,995
Semi-detached (freehold)1999-02-12£39,000
6 The Beeches, Bedworth, CV12 0BBDetached (freehold)2019-09-18£237,500
19 Primrose Drive, Bedworth, CV12 0GLTerraced (freehold)2019-09-12£199,450
New build terraced (freehold)2002-11-29£127,950
5 Dark Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JLTerraced (freehold)2019-09-06£140,000
Terraced (freehold)2004-10-07£90,000
Terraced (freehold)1999-11-05£34,950
32 Dark Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JLSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-30£165,000
47 Keenan Drive, Bedworth, CV12 0EJTerraced (freehold)2019-08-28£125,000
28 The Lawns, Bedworth, CV12 0NGSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-21£150,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1995-01-06£43,500
60 Cardigan Road, Bedworth, CV12 0NPDetached (freehold)2019-08-19£220,000
Detached (freehold)2016-07-01£177,000
9 Martins Road, Bedworth, CV12 0DRSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-16£201,000
2 Daisy Croft, Bedworth, CV12 0GWDetached (freehold)2019-08-15£212,500
New build detached (freehold)2004-11-26£162,950
26 Jasmine Way, Bedworth, CV12 0GUTerraced (leasehold)2019-08-15£76,000
106 Newcomen Road, Bedworth, CV12 0EWSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-09£150,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2016-06-03£125,000
17 Marriott Road, Bedworth, CV12 0LLTerraced (freehold)2019-08-09£180,000
Terraced (freehold)2018-07-25£85,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-02-23£20,200
4 Charles Eaton Court, Bedworth, CV12 0AXFlat (leasehold)2019-08-09£108,000
New build flat (leasehold)2005-08-10£106,000
216 Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JWTerraced (freehold)2019-08-02£120,000
Terraced (freehold)2006-08-18£94,000
296 Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0LHSemi-detached (freehold)2019-07-29£215,000
15 The Lawns, Bedworth, CV12 0NGTerraced (freehold)2019-07-15£132,500
8 Raynor Crescent, Bedworth, CV12 0ETSemi-detached (freehold)2019-07-10£162,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2015-11-25£132,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2011-01-14£93,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-11-05£94,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2003-02-21£61,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2000-01-25£43,500
Semi-detached (freehold)1997-03-27£29,995
25 Celandine Way, Bedworth, CV12 0GBSemi-detached (freehold)2019-07-05£152,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2006-05-19£122,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2002-10-23£88,000
New build semi-detached (freehold)2002-06-28£69,500
3 Howells Close, Bedworth, CV12 0HFSemi-detached (freehold)2019-07-05£163,500
172 Heath Road, Bedworth, CV12 0BNDetached (freehold)2019-07-02£210,500
12 Melrose Avenue, Bedworth, CV12 0ESSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-28£171,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2005-04-29£116,000
44 Dark Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JLSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-28£175,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2008-02-08£122,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-07-27£130,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1998-03-06£52,500
14 Speedwell Close, Bedworth, CV12 0NSDetached (freehold)2019-06-27£208,500
Detached (freehold)2015-06-19£157,000
New build detached (freehold)2006-08-18£169,995
43 Cashmore Road, Bedworth, CV12 0DWTerraced (freehold)2019-06-26£128,000
Terraced (freehold)2002-12-06£59,500
Terraced (freehold)2001-10-05£28,000
12 Foxglove Close, Bedworth, CV12 0GHSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-21£203,000
New build semi-detached (freehold)2000-10-27£99,995
25 Ashington Road, Bedworth, CV12 0LZSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-21£212,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1998-11-06£51,950
5 Kathleen Avenue, Bedworth, CV12 0DGSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-21£150,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1997-09-19£40,000
8 The Sycamores, Bedworth, CV12 0PNDetached (freehold)2019-06-19£280,000
Detached (freehold)2015-12-16£250,000
Detached (freehold)2003-06-20£174,500
New build detached (freehold)1999-06-18£108,995
68 Newcomen Road, Bedworth, CV12 0ENSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-14£148,000
79A Dark Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JJFlat (leasehold)2019-06-03£66,250
Flat (leasehold)2007-09-25£79,950
16 All Saints Road, Bedworth, CV12 0BLSemi-detached (freehold)2019-05-31£178,000
26 Topps Heath, Bedworth, CV12 0DFDetached (freehold)2019-05-31£192,500
Detached (freehold)2010-11-29£143,000
60 Keenan Drive, Bedworth, CV12 0EJTerraced (freehold)2019-05-31£145,000
175 Smorrall Lane, Bedworth, CV12 0JPSemi-detached (freehold)2019-05-24£162,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2009-09-25£99,950
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-12-14£130,000
52 Heath Road, Bedworth, CV12 0APSemi-detached (freehold)2019-05-21£212,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-08-31£155,000
9 Abingdon, Bede Village, Bedworth, CV12 0PGFlat (leasehold)2019-05-17£115,000
Flat (leasehold)2011-08-24£107,000
Flat (leasehold)2009-11-20£117,000
New build flat (leasehold)2005-11-30£100,500
40 Keenan Drive, Bedworth, CV12 0EHSemi-detached (freehold)2019-05-10£136,000
18 Humphrey Davy Road, Bedworth, CV12 0JDTerraced (freehold)2019-05-03£142,400
Terraced (freehold)2007-03-23£87,000

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2019.
Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2019.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.