Property sales in LE7 postcode area, Leicester

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the LE7 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Scraptoft, Anstey, Billesdon, Gaddesby, Hungarton, Rearsby, Tilton on the Hill, Tugby, Cropston, Thurcaston, Rothley, Barkby, Syston, Leicester, based on the records of the Land Registry

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Prices and sales overview

13 Lime Close, Syston, LE7 2AZTerraced (freehold)2016-08-19£159,950
Terraced (freehold)2006-07-14£140,000
Terraced (freehold)1999-01-08£52,950
29 Barkby Road, Queniborough, LE7 3FETerraced (freehold)2016-08-19£137,500
Terraced (freehold)2000-07-24£74,000
3 Freer Way, Anstey, LE7 7HYDetached (freehold)2016-08-19£235,000
New build detached (freehold)2013-11-29£200,000
180 Station Road, Cropston, LE7 7HFDetached (freehold)2016-08-18£740,000
Detached (freehold)2013-11-29£575,000
Detached (freehold)2011-10-21£500,000
46 Mowbray Drive, Syston, LE7 2EUSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-16£154,000
44 Millstone Lane, Syston, LE7 2EWSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-15£193,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2014-09-01£160,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2005-03-17£171,950
Semi-detached (freehold)2000-07-24£65,000
8 Fletchers Way, East Goscote, LE7 3ZGDetached (freehold)2016-08-15£275,000
Detached (freehold)1999-05-28£93,000
81 Mountsorrel Lane, Rothley, LE7 7PTTerraced (freehold)2016-08-15£235,000
Terraced (freehold)2010-11-09£180,000
10 Beeby Road, Scraptoft, LE7 9SGDetached (freehold)2016-08-12£290,000
Detached (freehold)2005-07-01£230,000
Detached (freehold)2005-01-04£202,450
Detached (freehold)1999-10-05£100,000
1012 Melton Road, Syston, LE7 2NNDetached (freehold)2016-08-12£330,000
Detached (freehold)2001-10-05£155,000
165 Leicester Road, Thurcaston, LE7 7JLSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-12£320,000
17 Plumtree Way, Syston, LE7 2LHSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-12£159,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2013-06-28£129,950
21 Church Road, Wanlip, LE7 4PJDetached (freehold)2016-08-12£490,000
23 Stirling Drive, Thurnby, LE7 9QTSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-12£175,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-05-27£139,500
4 Church Street, Billesdon, LE7 9AETerraced (freehold)2016-08-12£170,000
6 Whatton Oaks, Rothley, LE7 7QEDetached (freehold)2016-08-12£352,500
Detached (freehold)2004-01-16£279,950
35 Glebe Road, Queniborough, LE7 3FHSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-11£182,750
Semi-detached (freehold)2015-07-16£150,000
54 Avenue Road, Queniborough, LE7 3FADetached (freehold)2016-08-11£435,000
Detached (freehold)2014-04-24£180,000
13 Ingarsby Close, Houghton On The Hill, LE7 9JNDetached (freehold)2016-08-09£315,000
14 Avenue Road, Queniborough, LE7 3FADetached (freehold)2016-08-08£180,000
18 Long Close, Anstey, LE7 7QNDetached (freehold)2016-08-08£405,000
New build detached (freehold)2006-09-29£415,000
40 Albion Street, Syston, LE7 2AATerraced (freehold)2016-08-08£120,000
Terraced (freehold)2010-11-05£109,000
Terraced (freehold)2007-10-11£122,000
6 Forge Court, Syston, LE7 2DXFlat (leasehold)2016-08-08£155,000
Flat (leasehold)2014-03-12£132,000
Flat (leasehold)2009-02-06£131,000
New build flat (leasehold)2004-05-28£168,950
8 Mowbray Drive, Syston, LE7 2EUSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-08£162,000
15 Long Lane, Billesdon, LE7 9ALDetached (freehold)2016-08-05£269,950
Detached (freehold)2015-08-27£273,500
Detached (freehold)2011-09-30£250,000
Detached (freehold)2002-09-06£188,000
Detached (freehold)1997-01-28£96,500
Detached (freehold)1996-09-02£53,500
17 St Pauls Drive, Syston, LE7 2JXSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-05£198,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2015-12-15£160,500
18 Anthony Drive, Thurnby, LE7 9RADetached (freehold)2016-08-05£192,000
35 Rectory Lane, Thurcaston, LE7 7JRDetached (freehold)2016-08-05£290,000
36 Wanlip Road, Syston, LE7 1PATerraced (freehold)2016-08-05£250,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-01-31£172,000
7 University Close, Syston, LE7 2AYSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-05£152,000
72A Empingham Drive, Syston, LE7 2DLSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-04£237,500
New build semi-detached (freehold)2009-07-24£189,000
1072 Melton Road, Syston, LE7 2NNDetached (freehold)2016-08-03£265,000
Detached (freehold)2000-05-11£117,950
New build detached (freehold)1996-03-29£99,950
4A Bradgate Road, Cropston, LE7 7GASemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-03£270,000
29 Weare Close, Billesdon, LE7 9DYDetached (freehold)2016-08-02£381,000
New build detached (freehold)2005-05-06£349,950
56 Link Road, Anstey, LE7 7BWSemi-detached (freehold)2016-08-02£184,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2006-12-15£158,500
13 Glebe Road, Queniborough, LE7 3FHDetached (freehold)2016-07-29£229,950
Detached (freehold)2014-05-30£167,500
23 Foundry Lane, Syston, LE7 1NDTerraced (freehold)2016-07-29£131,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2011-07-05£112,500
4 Balladine Road, Anstey, LE7 7BESemi-detached (freehold)2016-07-29£185,100
Semi-detached (freehold)2014-09-19£163,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2001-11-09£78,000
4 Shirley Drive, Syston, LE7 1LUDetached (freehold)2016-07-29£239,950
58 Oxford Street, Syston, LE7 2ASTerraced (freehold)2016-07-29£172,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2010-02-19£132,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2006-03-31£128,000

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2016.
© Crown copyright 2016.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.