Property sales in NN18 9 postcode area - page 11 Corby

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the NN18 9 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Great Oakley, Little Oakley, Corby, based on the records of the Land Registry

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34 Lincoln Way, Corby, NN18 9HLFlat (freehold)2014-01-24£89,000
Detached (freehold)2002-01-11£23,000
4 Thetford Close, Corby, NN18 9PHTerraced (freehold)2014-01-22£82,500
Terraced (freehold)2001-11-23£43,500
Terraced (freehold)1999-09-24£25,000
12 Eastbrook, Corby, NN18 9BNTerraced (freehold)2014-01-20£71,000
Terraced (freehold)1998-03-13£23,950
33 Bede Close, Corby, NN18 9PDTerraced (freehold)2014-01-17£93,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-11-04£75,000
Terraced (freehold)2003-12-22£64,500
Terraced (freehold)2000-03-16£45,000
Terraced (freehold)1999-09-30£33,000
Terraced (freehold)1995-04-10£18,850
26 Baltic Close, Corby, NN18 9EASemi-detached (freehold)2014-01-03£100,000
Terraced (freehold)1996-06-21£46,000
58 Epsom Walk, Corby, NN18 9JHTerraced (freehold)2013-12-20£86,000
8 Ibsen Walk, Corby, NN18 9DFTerraced (freehold)2013-12-20£81,000
Detached (freehold)2003-03-28£59,000
27 Kingsbrook, Corby, NN18 9HYDetached (freehold)2013-12-19£156,500
12 Fjord Walk, Corby, NN18 9EBSemi-detached (freehold)2013-12-18£124,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2008-08-15£95,000
10 Thor Walk, Corby, NN18 9EESemi-detached (freehold)2013-12-06£102,000
4 Breedon Close, Corby, NN18 9PFTerraced (freehold)2013-12-06£105,000
26 Patrick Road, Corby, NN18 9NBTerraced (freehold)2013-11-29£100,000
5 Drayton Close, Corby, NN18 9ADDetached (freehold)2013-11-29£205,000
58 Thetford Close, Corby, NN18 9PHTerraced (freehold)2013-11-07£105,000
4 Highbrook, Corby, NN18 9BATerraced (freehold)2013-11-05£75,000
15 Grantham Walk, Corby, NN18 9BWTerraced (freehold)2013-11-01£83,000
Terraced (freehold)2012-03-30£84,000
38 Herford Close, Corby, NN18 9EQFlat (leasehold)2013-11-01£79,000
34 Blake Road, Corby, NN18 9LNSemi-detached (freehold)2013-10-22£70,000
67 Reigate Walk, Corby, NN18 9JPTerraced (freehold)2013-10-18£79,000
8 Westminster Walk, Corby, NN18 9JATerraced (freehold)2013-10-18£71,000
32 Lincoln Way, Corby, NN18 9HLTerraced (freehold)2013-10-17£70,000
Terraced (freehold)1995-04-28£30,000
45 Southbrook, Corby, NN18 9BETerraced (freehold)2013-10-15£75,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-11-30£42,500
Terraced (freehold)2000-06-01£40,500
6 Eastbrook, Corby, NN18 9BNTerraced (freehold)2013-10-15£75,000
7 Christie Road, Corby, NN18 9FHTerraced (freehold)2013-10-11£95,000
New build terraced (freehold)2012-03-30£98,000
95 Blake Road, Corby, NN18 9LWSemi-detached (freehold)2013-10-11£79,000
74 Bede Close, Corby, NN18 9PETerraced (freehold)2013-10-07£116,000
Terraced (freehold)2009-11-20£110,000
19 Bergen Walk, Corby, NN18 9DPSemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-27£109,950
Semi-detached (freehold)2011-08-03£90,000
36 Torksey Close, Corby, NN18 9PLFlat (leasehold)2013-09-27£50,000
Flat (leasehold)2003-03-28£42,995
43 Bamburg Close, Corby, NN18 9PASemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-27£112,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-02-09£48,500
63 Oldenburg Road, Corby, NN18 9BSSemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-27£120,500
59 Breedon Close, Corby, NN18 9PGTerraced (freehold)2013-09-24£105,000
Terraced (freehold)2011-02-16£71,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-06-22£97,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-10-22£21,725
15 Shannon Court, Corby, NN18 9LRTerraced (freehold)2013-09-13£78,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-06-25£81,000
57 Oldenburg Road, Corby, NN18 9BSSemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-13£98,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2009-10-23£84,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2001-08-17£49,995
Semi-detached (freehold)1999-10-15£42,000
28 North Cape Walk, Corby, NN18 9DQTerraced (freehold)2013-09-12£112,000
Flat (freehold)2007-01-26£108,000
Flat (freehold)2002-06-21£50,000
31 Blake Road, Corby, NN18 9LNSemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-10£98,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-09-15£99,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2001-04-30£24,500
93 Blake Road, Corby, NN18 9LWSemi-detached (freehold)2013-09-06£79,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-10-12£103,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2003-10-03£40,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1998-08-14£29,500
28 Torksey Close, Corby, NN18 9PLTerraced (freehold)2013-09-04£85,000
Terraced (freehold)2007-09-14£123,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-04-27£41,500
Terraced (freehold)1998-11-13£36,000
2 Southbrook, Corby, NN18 9BEDetached (freehold)2013-08-30£139,000
Detached (freehold)2011-05-13£136,000
Detached (freehold)2006-07-28£144,995
Airspace Above, 38 Denmark Close, Corby, NN18 9EHDetached (freehold)2013-08-16£190,000
28 Stavanger Close, Corby, NN18 9HTDetached (freehold)2013-08-09£156,000
Detached (freehold)2010-08-13£149,995
Detached (freehold)2001-01-05£89,500

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2017.
© Crown copyright 2017.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.