Property sales in TN25 5 postcode area Ashford

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the TN25 5 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Challock, Wye, Stowting, Ashford, based on the records of the Land Registry

165 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5DPFlat (leasehold)2020-02-20£160,000
Flat (leasehold)2013-11-05£142,000
Flat (leasehold)2009-07-24£119,995
Semi-detached (leasehold)2007-03-09£125,000
Semi-detached (leasehold)2005-02-14£100,000
Semi-detached (leasehold)1998-08-10£55,735
Fresh Fields, Nats Lane, Brook, TN25 5PHDetached (freehold)2020-01-31£475,000
Detached (freehold)2003-12-01£320,000
1 Elmsted Court Cottages Elmsted, TN25 5JNTerraced (freehold)2020-01-20£432,500
88 The Forstal, Wye, TN25 5ERTerraced (freehold)2020-01-20£330,000
Terraced (freehold)2010-10-29£227,700
Terraced (freehold)2007-05-04£220,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-11-30£184,000
104 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5EASemi-detached (freehold)2020-01-17£230,000
90 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5EADetached (freehold)2020-01-17£650,000
1 The Malthouses, Canterbury Road, East Brabourne, TN25 5LLTerraced (freehold)2020-01-10£512,500
Whitegates, Spelders Hill, Brook, TN25 5PDDetached (freehold)2020-01-10£460,000
20 Scotton Street, Wye, TN25 5BZTerraced (freehold)2020-01-06£206,000
Terraced (freehold)2018-11-19£180,000
Terraced (freehold)2008-04-30£179,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-05-19£180,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2002-05-30£94,500
Tilden House, 146 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5DPTerraced (freehold)2019-12-19£365,000
New build terraced (freehold)2004-08-17£200,000
53 Scotton Street, Wye, TN25 5BUDetached (freehold)2019-11-29£645,000
Detached (freehold)1995-08-18£127,000
14 Scotton Street, Wye, TN25 5BZTerraced (freehold)2019-11-22£220,000
Terraced (freehold)2017-02-28£183,000
Terraced (freehold)2015-09-16£180,000
Terraced (freehold)2014-06-06£175,000
Terraced (freehold)2007-08-30£175,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-03-17£127,000
Terraced (freehold)2004-11-26£90,000
20 The Close, Wye, TN25 5BDTerraced (freehold)2019-11-22£295,000
Terraced (freehold)2009-12-04£178,500
9 The Close, Wye, TN25 5BDTerraced (freehold)2019-11-20£295,000
Terraced (freehold)2015-09-30£260,000
Chaucer Court, Hampton Lane, Brook, TN25 5PNDetached (freehold)2019-11-14£1,025,000
Detached (freehold)2004-11-24£625,000
Detached (freehold)1998-03-20£325,000
34 High Street, Wye, TN25 5ALTerraced (freehold)2019-10-31£443,000
Spelders Hill House, Spelders Hill, Brook, TN25 5PBDetached (freehold)2019-10-25£1,195,900
22 Jarmans Field, Wye, TN25 5AQTerraced (freehold)2019-10-21£235,000
Terraced (freehold)2017-02-07£232,500
Terraced (freehold)2011-08-12£195,000
Terraced (freehold)2001-08-31£99,500
3 Church Street, Wye, TN25 5BNSemi-detached (freehold)2019-10-18£435,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2013-06-07£240,000
1 Penstock Cottages, East Brabourne, TN25 5LHOther (freehold)2019-10-16£500,000
16 Stonegate, Wye, TN25 5DDFlat (leasehold)2019-09-24£525,000
Flat (leasehold)2013-08-12£330,000
Flat (leasehold)2002-05-10£320,000
New build flat (leasehold)1998-07-24£245,000
13 Beckets Close, Hastingleigh, TN25 5HSSemi-detached (freehold)2019-09-19£365,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2016-10-14£275,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-12-17£179,950
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-03-18£150,000
59 Abbots Walk, Wye, TN25 5ESSemi-detached (freehold)2019-09-04£350,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2010-01-29£212,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2005-10-04£200,000
23 Orchard Drive, Wye, TN25 5ATDetached (freehold)2019-08-13£525,000
Detached (freehold)2012-06-08£295,000
Brookfield, Scotton Street, Wye, TN25 5BZSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-13£595,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1995-09-29£86,500
17 Havillands Place, Wye, TN25 5GJDetached (freehold)2019-08-05£465,000
New build detached (freehold)2012-09-12£397,500
3 Stonegate, Wye, TN25 5DDTerraced (leasehold)2019-08-05£450,000
New build terraced (leasehold)1999-01-15£189,500
The Hermitage, Oxenturn Road, Wye, TN25 5AZOther (freehold)2019-08-05£622,500
Beech Hedges, Cherry Garden Crescent, Wye, TN25 5ASDetached (freehold)2019-08-02£421,500
35 Scotton Street, Wye, TN25 5BUSemi-detached (freehold)2019-07-31£555,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2008-05-06£298,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2003-07-16£245,000
7 St Ambrose Green, Wye, TN25 5AGDetached (freehold)2019-07-31£460,000
Detached (freehold)2016-12-08£433,000
Detached (freehold)2010-01-07£295,000
5 Bramble Close, Wye, TN25 5QADetached (freehold)2019-07-19£675,000
Detached (freehold)2010-02-12£405,000
Snowdrop Cottage, 6 St Ambrose Green, Wye, TN25 5AGTerraced (freehold)2019-07-01£187,500
Brook Farm House, The Street, Brook, TN25 5PFDetached (freehold)2019-06-24£1,040,000
Detached (freehold)2017-07-14£1,100,000
Detached (freehold)1995-04-19£157,000
Shabani, East Brabourne, TN25 5LYSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-24£785,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2009-11-06£595,000
Primrose Cottage, Tamley Lane, Hastingleigh, TN25 5HWDetached (freehold)2019-06-21£360,000
Detached (freehold)2004-04-30£190,000
Detached (freehold)2000-06-16£124,000
Detached (freehold)1999-11-09£85,000
24 Bridge Street, Wye, TN25 5EASemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-14£560,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1999-11-17£179,000
7 Stonegate, Wye, TN25 5DDTerraced (leasehold)2019-06-06£465,000
Terraced (leasehold)2013-11-01£365,000
Penang Lodge, Hassell Street, Hastingleigh, TN25 5JEDetached (freehold)2019-05-15£600,000
Brendon, Nats Lane, Brook, TN25 5PHDetached (freehold)2019-05-08£400,000
Detached (freehold)2001-05-18£130,000

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2020.
Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2020.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.