Property sales in WF4 5 postcode area Wakefield

This is a map and list of properties recently sold in the WF4 5 postcode area in the UK covering the areas of Crigglestone, Crofton, Durkar, Flockton, Havercroft, Horbury, Netherton, New Crofton, Ryhill, West Bretton, Woolley, Wakefield, based on the records of the Land Registry

18 Wynthorpe Road, Horbury, WF4 5BBSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-30£255,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2007-08-24£180,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-04-19£136,000
33 Reid Park Avenue, Horbury, WF4 5PASemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-30£229,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1998-10-16£52,000
47 Southfield Lane, Horbury, WF4 5AXDetached (freehold)2019-08-30£340,000
Detached (freehold)2003-07-25£225,000
23 George Street, Horbury, WF4 5DETerraced (freehold)2019-08-28£95,000
10 Osborne Avenue, Horbury, WF4 5QRDetached (freehold)2019-08-16£270,000
Detached (freehold)2002-08-16£120,500
168 Wakefield Road, Horbury, WF4 5HWDetached (freehold)2019-08-13£415,000
24 Industrial Street, Horbury, WF4 5EGTerraced (freehold)2019-08-07£105,000
88 Northfield Lane, Horbury, WF4 5JFSemi-detached (freehold)2019-08-06£201,111
59 Rayner Street, Horbury, WF4 5BDTerraced (freehold)2019-08-05£150,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-12-02£112,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-07-29£115,000
29 Reid Park Avenue, Horbury, WF4 5PADetached (freehold)2019-08-02£210,000
Detached (freehold)2000-10-05£59,950
24 Oakwood Grove, Horbury, WF4 5JETerraced (freehold)2019-07-26£184,995
64 Industrial Street, Horbury, WF4 5EGTerraced (freehold)2019-07-26£123,000
Terraced (freehold)2004-11-25£52,500
Terraced (freehold)2002-09-06£59,950
8 Princes Gate, Horbury, WF4 5RDTerraced (freehold)2019-07-26£190,000
Terraced (freehold)2012-10-04£160,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2004-03-12£147,000
New build semi-detached (freehold)2002-02-01£106,995
14 Southfield Close, Horbury, WF4 5AZDetached (freehold)2019-07-01£250,000
Detached (freehold)2016-08-05£212,500
23 Beechwood Grove, Horbury, WF4 5JGTerraced (freehold)2019-07-01£250,000
10 Addison Court, Horbury, WF4 5QYDetached (freehold)2019-06-28£237,000
Detached (freehold)2014-07-07£216,000
Detached (freehold)2002-07-18£124,000
62 The Sycamores, Horbury, WF4 5QGDetached (freehold)2019-06-28£223,000
Detached (freehold)2004-11-18£160,500
Detached (freehold)1999-02-08£58,000
8 North Avenue, Horbury, WF4 5JSSemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-28£105,700
19 Industrial Street, Horbury, WF4 5EGTerraced (freehold)2019-06-21£110,000
Terraced (freehold)2006-03-24£98,000
Terraced (freehold)2004-04-30£75,000
Terraced (freehold)2003-06-06£45,000
6 Princes Gate, Horbury, WF4 5RDTerraced (freehold)2019-06-21£176,000
Terraced (freehold)2003-03-07£145,000
New build terraced (freehold)2002-02-21£110,995
20 Oakwood Grove, Horbury, WF4 5JESemi-detached (freehold)2019-06-06£263,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2016-07-29£166,000
10 New Road, Horbury, WF4 5LRSemi-detached (freehold)2019-05-24£60,000
137 Wakefield Road, Horbury, WF4 5HQDetached (freehold)2019-05-24£185,000
Detached (freehold)2018-04-05£114,000
Detached (freehold)2003-08-07£102,500
41 Princes Gate, Horbury, WF4 5RDFlat (leasehold)2019-05-21£137,000
Flat (leasehold)2002-08-23£99,995
2 Arden Court, Horbury, WF4 5AHDetached (freehold)2019-05-10£440,000
Detached (freehold)1999-01-15£160,000
Bingley Arms, Bridge Road, Horbury, WF4 5NLOther (freehold)2019-05-09£160,000
20 Rochester Court, Horbury, WF4 5QSTerraced (freehold)2019-05-08£135,000
Terraced (freehold)2015-07-24£127,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2005-10-21£126,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2002-07-24£31,000
New build semi-detached (freehold)1996-05-20£47,916
New build semi-detached (leasehold)1996-05-20£55,000
17 Peel Street, Horbury, WF4 5AUTerraced (freehold)2019-04-30£90,000
38 Chesterton Court, Horbury, WF4 5QUSemi-detached (freehold)2019-04-30£167,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2017-03-03£151,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2000-05-11£62,500
Semi-detached (freehold)1997-10-20£59,950
New build semi-detached (freehold)1995-03-03£59,995
11 West Avenue, Horbury, WF4 5JYTerraced (freehold)2019-04-29£128,000
Terraced (freehold)2005-12-13£119,950
9 Southwell Lane, Horbury, WF4 5BNSemi-detached (freehold)2019-04-29£225,000
Semi-detached (freehold)2015-06-12£137,500
12 Hallcroft Drive, Horbury, WF4 5DFSemi-detached (freehold)2019-04-25£166,150
21 Wynthorpe Road, Horbury, WF4 5BBDetached (freehold)2019-04-25£200,000
27 Woodlands, Horbury, WF4 5HHDetached (freehold)2019-04-17£251,850
2 Addingford Lane, Horbury, WF4 5BLDetached (freehold)2019-04-16£345,000
1 Poplar View, Horbury, WF4 5EESemi-detached (freehold)2019-04-15£161,500
Semi-detached (freehold)2017-02-24£129,950
Semi-detached (freehold)1998-06-12£48,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1996-04-26£43,000
Semi-detached (freehold)1995-12-28£46,000
7 George Street, Horbury, WF4 5DEDetached (freehold)2019-04-12£181,000
142 Wakefield Road, Horbury, WF4 5HGOther (freehold)2019-04-08£3,615,000
35 Industrial Street, Horbury, WF4 5EGTerraced (freehold)2019-04-05£77,000
21 Willowbrook Manor, Horbury, WF4 5FADetached (freehold)2019-04-02£588,000
New build detached (freehold)2015-10-26£584,995

This data covers the transactions received at Land Registry in the period 1995 to 2019.
Data produced by HM Land Registry © Crown copyright 2019.


The average price shown is the geometric mean which multiplies all sales prices together then takes the square root. This should reduce the impact of sales of very expensive houses.
No adjustments are made for seasonal variations, so average prices will not match the Land Registry's own figures
Sales in the final month are always lower than earlier months, due to that month's data not being complete.