Strava segment statistics

Currently there are 1,788,988 Strava segments on this site. The lists below are based on the data here, rather than all Strava segments, which means it is currently very incomplete. You can add data by using the segment explorer. There's a lot of dubious data in the Strava segments, which means a lot of the statistics here aren't that useful. You can help fix the data by flagging segments or creating a Strava support request to fix the elevation. I've ordered the statistics so the most sensible ones are shown first.

Segment# StarsPolyline
At time of writing, most segments in this table are in Richmond Park, London. Get searching for segments in other areas!
Segment# RidersPolyline
Mostly Regents Park in London.
Segment# TriesPolyline
If your GPS loses its mind, then turn it into a segment, grab a KOM (as the only person who'll ever complete the impossible segment) and maybe top this table.
SegmentDistance (KMs)Polyline
Country# SegmentsPolyline
SegmentClimb (metres)Polyline
This list may not be consistent with the previous list, because the total elevation gain for a segment will only be added to the database when the details of the segment are viewed
SegmentClimb (metres)Polyline
Take these with a pinch of salt, Strava contains quite a few segments with dodgy average grades. To reduce these rogue segments, I have filtered out any segments under 1km.
SegmentGrade (%)Polyline
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