AB36 8 postcodes Aberdeenshire

This is a list of postcodes in the AB36 8 area covering the areas of Strathdon, Aberdeenshire. The area contains approximately 242 households with a population of about 515 (2011 census)

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AB36 8 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
AB36 8TG57.196076-3.03875337329812176NJ373121Yes
AB36 8TH57.207472-3.040411337248813447NJ372134Yes
AB36 8TJ57.198493-3.022334338325812431NJ383124Yes
AB36 8TL57.197014-3.011385338984812256NJ389122Yes
AB36 8TN57.214935-3.000335339681814241NJ396142Yes
AB36 8TP57.217798-2.980177340903814542NJ409145Yes
AB36 8TQ57.229902-3.003028339543815909NJ395159Yes
AB36 8TR57.226421-3.036272337530815552NJ375155Yes
AB36 8TS57.232992-3.035761337572816283NJ375162Yes
AB36 8TT57.237904-3.028377338026816823NJ380168Yes
AB36 8TX57.236839-3.0112339061816689NJ390166No
AB36 8TY57.196719-3.028936337923812239NJ379122Yes
AB36 8UA57.2355-3.037687337460816564NJ374165Yes
AB36 8UB57.248323-3.072585335376818024NJ353180Yes
AB36 8UD57.237151-3.110482333069816817NJ330168Yes
AB36 8UH57.203585-3.071585335358813043NJ353130Yes
AB36 8UJ57.2291-3.109181333133815920NJ331159Yes
AB36 8UL57.204074-3.070043335452813096NJ354130Yes
AB36 8UN57.201949-3.057865336184812848NJ361128Yes
AB36 8UP57.207394-3.074708335176813470NJ351134Yes
AB36 8UQ57.204821-3.078773334926813187NJ349131Yes
AB36 8UR57.200302-3.078259334949812684NJ349126Yes
AB36 8US57.195687-3.0863334455812178NJ344121Yes
AB36 8UT57.195386-3.075402335113812134NJ351121Yes
AB36 8UX57.200595-3.068769335523812708NJ355127Yes
AB36 8XA57.193691-3.04631336868811918NJ368119Yes
AB36 8XB57.193552-3.035964337493811893NJ374118Yes
AB36 8XD57.192074-3.031173337780811724NJ377117No
AB36 8XJ57.1909-3.022056338329811585NJ383115Yes
AB36 8XL57.175659-3.003656339416809872NJ394098Yes
AB36 8XN57.189036-2.976255341094811337NJ410113Yes
AB36 8XP57.187958-2.967609341615811210NJ416112Yes
AB36 8XQ57.185491-2.976412341079810942NJ410109Yes
AB36 8XR57.195994-2.996232339898812129NJ398121Yes
AB36 8XS57.193551-3.090242334213811944NJ342119Yes
AB36 8XT57.18681-3.093733333990811197NJ339111Yes
AB36 8XX57.194966-3.114794332732812126NJ327121Yes
AB36 8YA57.184776-3.112566332848810989NJ328109Yes
AB36 8YB57.177946-3.139836331187810256NJ311102Yes
AB36 8YD57.164949-3.168869329407808839NJ294088Yes
AB36 8YE57.197048-3.078528334927812322NJ349123No
AB36 8YF57.184776-3.112533332850810989NJ328109No
AB36 8YG57.197151-3.086343334455812341NJ344123No
AB36 8YH57.169129-3.138258331266809273NJ312092No
AB36 8YJ57.15912-3.168752329403808190NJ294081Yes
AB36 8YL57.161286-3.193937327884808458NJ278084Yes
AB36 8YN57.170342-3.219102326380809493NJ263094Yes
AB36 8YP57.168697-3.230639325679809322NJ256093Yes
AB36 8YQ57.179379-3.107226333161810383NJ331103Yes
AB36 8YR57.16836-3.10569333234809155NJ332091Yes
AB36 8YS57.180497-3.098525333689810499NJ336104Yes
AB36 8YT57.175991-3.073217335211809973NJ352099Yes
AB36 8YU57.174895-3.073186335211809851NJ352098No
AB36 8YW57.16896-3.224876326028809345NJ260093No
AB36 8YX57.186681-3.075895335068811166NJ350111Yes
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