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This is a list of postcodes in the B94 area covering the areas of Olton, Solihull. The area contains approximately 2,979 households with a population of about 7,298 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
B94 6RU52.366276-1.805568413336274265SP133742Yes
B94 6RW52.356305-1.799504413752273157SP137731Yes
B94 6RX52.366542-1.803335413488274295SP134742Yes
B94 6RY52.367612-1.784185414792274417SP147744Yes
B94 6SA52.353586-1.78178414960272858SP149728Yes
B94 6SB52.354213-1.780661415036272928SP150729Yes
B94 6SD52.354898-1.781774414960273004SP149730Yes
B94 6SE52.354243-1.797604413882272928SP138729Yes
B94 6SF52.357664-1.81123412953273306SP129733Yes
B94 6SG52.356712-1.812012412900273200SP129731No
B94 6SQ52.35965-1.818511412457273525SP124735Yes
B94 6WA52.361182-1.824548412045273695SP120736No
B94 6WH52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No
B94 6WQ52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No
B94 6WU52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No
B94 6XA52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No
B94 6XB52.361182-1.824548412045273695SP120736No
B94 6ZD52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No
B94 6ZN52.388933-1.73654418027276800SP180767No

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