BA9 postcodes South Somerset - page 3

This is a list of postcodes in the BA9 area covering the areas of Wincanton, South Somerset. The area contains approximately 3,173 households with a population of about 7,201 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BA9 9RJ51.051929-2.411159371277128145ST712281Yes
BA9 9RL51.052097-2.406082371633128162ST716281Yes
BA9 9RN51.051252-2.406103371631128068ST716280Yes
BA9 9RP51.051256-2.417659370821128073ST708280Yes
BA9 9RQ51.052139-2.41965370682128172ST706281Yes
BA9 9RR51.051623-2.418861370737128114ST707281Yes
BA9 9RS51.052086-2.421946370521128167ST705281Yes
BA9 9RT51.050801-2.421721370536128024ST705280Yes
BA9 9RU51.05184-2.42106370583128139ST705281Yes
BA9 9RW51.051258-2.411881371226128071ST712280No
BA9 9RX51.051201-2.422823370459128069ST704280Yes
BA9 9RY51.053828-2.410006371359128356ST713283Yes
BA9 9RZ51.052952-2.413508371113128260ST711282Yes
BA9 9SA51.057516-2.414676371034128768ST710287Yes
BA9 9SB51.051059-2.407285371548128047ST715280Yes
BA9 9SD51.050639-2.407153371557128000ST715279Yes
BA9 9SE51.050037-2.408846371438127934ST714279Yes
BA9 9SF51.050155-2.409346371403127947ST714279Yes
BA9 9SG51.050284-2.407721371517127961ST715279Yes
BA9 9SH51.05368-2.413686371101128341ST711283Yes
BA9 9SJ51.05329-2.414453371047128298ST710282Yes
BA9 9SP51.056225-2.423539370412128628ST704286Yes
BA9 9SQ51.050538-2.409592371386127990ST713279Yes
BA9 9TA51.056723-2.412614371178128679ST711286Yes
BA9 9TD51.050318-2.414283371057127967ST710279Yes
BA9 9WA51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WB51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WD51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WT51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WW51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WX51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WY51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9WZ51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9XJ51.050333-2.414284371057127969ST710279No
BA9 9XN51.050333-2.414284371057127969ST710279No
BA9 9XQ51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9XY51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9XZ51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9YB51.04065-2.433552369700126900ST697268No
BA9 9YD51.053341-2.405137371700128300ST716282No
BA9 9YE51.05422-2.410851371300128400ST713283No
BA9 9YG51.054861-2.407647371525128470ST715284No
BA9 9YH51.055094-2.417993370800128500ST708284No
BA9 9YJ51.05423-2.407998371500128400ST715283No
BA9 9YL51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9YN51.05423-2.407998371500128400ST715283No
BA9 9YP51.054861-2.407647371525128470ST715284No
BA9 9YQ51.055094-2.417993370800128500ST708284No
BA9 9YR51.054861-2.407647371525128470ST715284No
BA9 9YS51.054861-2.407647371525128470ST715284No
BA9 9YT51.054852-2.407647371525128469ST715284No
BA9 9YU51.054861-2.407647371525128470ST715284No
BA9 9YW51.05423-2.407998371500128400ST715283No
BA9 9YX51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9YY51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9YZ51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287Yes
BA9 9ZN51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9ZP51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9ZQ51.054664-2.407559371531128448ST715284No
BA9 9ZR51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287No
BA9 9ZZ51.057353-2.409923371367128748ST713287Yes

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