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This is a list of postcodes in the BD22 area covering the areas of Cowling, Haworth, Oakworth, Oxenhope, Bradford. The area contains approximately 12,660 households with a population of about 29,891 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BD22 9SJ53.804413-1.935385404353434237SE043342Yes
BD22 9SL53.803537-1.935617404338434139SE043341Yes
BD22 9SN53.804968-1.932104404569434299SE045342Yes
BD22 9SP53.801415-1.927646404863433904SE048339Yes
BD22 9SQ53.81377-1.958501402830435277SE028352Yes
BD22 9SR53.808944-1.938658404137434741SE041347Yes
BD22 9SS53.815207-1.934867404386435438SE043354Yes
BD22 9ST53.820364-1.939206404100436011SE040360Yes
BD22 9SU53.823237-1.941767403931436331SE039363Yes
BD22 9SX53.827003-1.942476403884436750SE038367Yes
BD22 9SY53.82189-1.943941403788436181SE037361Yes
BD22 9TA53.818599-1.942107403909435815SE039358Yes
BD22 9TD53.816838-1.943446403821435619SE038356Yes
BD22 9UA53.815774-1.955917403000435500SE030354No
BD22 9US53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9UT53.82189-1.943941403788436181SE037361No
BD22 9UU53.815774-1.955917403000435500SE030354No
BD22 9UW53.815774-1.955917403000435500SE030354No
BD22 9UX53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9UY53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9UZ53.815774-1.955917403000435500SE030354No
BD22 9WP53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WQ53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WR53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WS53.865086-1.914125405745440989SE057409No
BD22 9WT53.8651-1.914128405745440990SE057409Yes
BD22 9WU53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WW53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WX53.865086-1.914125405745440989SE057409Yes
BD22 9WY53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9WZ53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9YA53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9YP53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9YR53.815774-1.955917403000435500SE030354No
BD22 9YS53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9YT53.82189-1.943941403788436181SE037361No
BD22 9YU53.82189-1.943941403788436181SE037361No
BD22 9YW53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No
BD22 9YX53.86514-1.914338405731440995SE057409No

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