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This is a list of postcodes in the BF area, British Forces.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BF1 0AB51.7768128.71391Yes
BF1 0AE51.1804576.442804Yes
BF1 0AF51.7189218.757509Yes
BF1 0AP52.0302298.532471Yes
BF1 0AR51.81931711.93168Yes
BF1 0AT51.6643086.629568Yes
BF1 0DL49.4400417.597129Yes
BF1 0DN51.8962988.414766Yes
BF1 0DQ52.0302298.532471Yes
BF1 1AA54.516246-6.058011Yes
BF1 1AD54.25794-5.79881Yes
BF1 1AE 54.634447-5.846256Yes
BF1 1AG 54.644692-6.243124Yes
BF1 1AH54.516246-6.058011Yes
BF1 2AA38.722252-9.139337Yes
BF1 2AB40.85179814.26812Yes
BF1 2AG 50.5159354.013339Yes
BF1 2AH50.9488965.972166Yes
BF1 2AN 50.8503464.351721Yes
BF1 2AQ58.9699765.733107Yes
BF1 2AR36.140751-5.353585Yes
BF1 2AS34.67589532.881769Yes
BF1 2AT34.58027932.974314Yes
BF1 2AU34.58027932.974314Yes
BF1 2AW35.08805733.888564Yes
BF1 2AX40.416775-3.70379Yes
BF1 2AY45.4642049.189982Yes
BF1 2BA41.90278412.496366Yes
BF1 2BE 44.7628211.481542Yes
BF1 3AA38.907192-77.036871Yes
BF1 3AD27.71724585.323961Yes
BF1 3AF-1.29206636.821946Yes
BF1 3AG 4.610106114.331172Yes
BF1 3AH17.504566-88.196213Yes
BF1 3AJ50.219271-111.161254Yes
BF1 3AQ 37.431573-78.656894Yes
BF1 3AS34.924031-117.891208Yes
BF1 3AU36.586713-115.673973Yes
BF1 3BD 32.475507-80.714634Yes
BF1 3BF30.463558-86.553338Yes
BF1 5FZ38.42373427.142826Yes
BF1 6BD 8.460555-11.779889Yes
BF1 6DD 29.37585947.977405Yes
BF1 6DF30.58516436.238414Yes
BF1 6DU-51.796253-59.523613Yes
BF1 6EX-7.946717-14.355916Yes
BF1 6EY-7.946717-14.355916Yes
BF1 7EN 21.47353355.975413Yes
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