BL11 postcodes Bolton

This is a list of postcodes in the BL11 area covering the areas of Bolton.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BL11 1AE53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AF53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AG53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AH53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AJ53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AL53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AN53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AP53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AQ53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AR53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AS53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AT53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AU53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AW53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AX53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AY53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1AZ53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BA53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BB53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BD53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BE53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BF53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BG53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1BH53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1XT53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1XU53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1XX53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1XY53.579295-2.432628371453409276SD714092Yes
BL11 1XZ53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1YX53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
BL11 1ZY53.572023-2.425139371944408464SD719084Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (31 postcodes, 31 active)

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