BN4 7 postcodes Brighton and Hove (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the BN4 7 area covering the areas of Shoreham by Sea, Brighton and Hove (no longer in use).

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN4 7AA50.891928-0.208451526100111800TQ260117No
BN4 7AB50.890261-0.217046525500111600TQ254115No
BN4 7AD50.898088-0.199682526700112500TQ266124No
BN4 7AE50.897321-0.208244526100112400TQ260123No
BN4 7AF50.897321-0.208244526100112400TQ260123No
BN4 7AG50.895501-0.206892526200112200TQ261121No
BN4 7AH50.895501-0.206892526200112200TQ261121No
BN4 7AJ50.894559-0.204084526400112100TQ263120No
BN4 7AL50.896422-0.208278526100112300TQ261122No
BN4 7AN50.899118-0.208175526100112600TQ260125No
BN4 7AP50.896422-0.208278526100112300TQ261122No
BN4 7AQ50.892827-0.208416526100111900TQ261118No
BN4 7AR50.892783-0.205574526300111900TQ263118No
BN4 7AS50.892827-0.208416526100111900TQ261118No
BN4 7AT50.892849-0.209837526000111900TQ260119No
BN4 7AU50.892783-0.205574526300111900TQ263118No
BN4 7AW50.903678-0.212267525800113100TQ257130No
BN4 7AY50.901771-0.205229526300112900TQ262128No
BN4 7AZ50.90541-0.207933526100113300TQ261132No
BN4 7BA50.909926-0.209182526000113800TQ260137No
BN4 7BB50.892849-0.209837526000111900TQ260119No
BN4 7DA50.888969-0.191502527300111500TQ273115No
BN4 7DB50.88807-0.191537527300111400TQ273113No
BN4 7DD50.888114-0.194379527100111400TQ271113No
BN4 7DE50.893616-0.201276526600112000TQ266119No
BN4 7EA50.902406-0.188137527500113000TQ275129No
BN4 7EB50.898434-0.164115529200112600TQ292125No
BN4 7ED50.89576-0.165643529100112300TQ290122No
BN4 7EE50.901308-0.17538528400112900TQ284128No
BN4 7EF50.90041-0.175415528400112800TQ284128No
BN4 7EG50.895782-0.167064529000112300TQ289122No
BN4 7FA50.898434-0.164115529200112600TQ292125No
BN4 7FB50.899333-0.16408529200112700TQ292127No
BN4 7FD50.898456-0.165537529100112600TQ290125No
BN4 7FE50.898456-0.165537529100112600TQ290125No
BN4 7FF50.900187-0.161202529400112800TQ294128No
BN4 7FG50.898456-0.165537529100112600TQ290125No
BN4 7FH50.882278-0.166172529100110800TQ291107No
BN4 7FJ50.882256-0.164751529200110800TQ292107No
BN4 7FL50.890322-0.163012529300111700TQ293116No
BN4 7FN50.896659-0.165607529100112400TQ291124No
BN4 7FP50.89394-0.164292529200112100TQ292120No
BN4 7FQ50.898434-0.164115529200112600TQ292125No
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