BN88 postcodes Brighton and Hove

This is a list of postcodes in the BN88 area covering the areas of Brighton, Brighton and Hove.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BN88 1AH50.823141-0.132923531605104283TQ316042Yes
BN88 1LB50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1NA50.828732-0.13953531124104893TQ311048No
BN88 1NH50.828732-0.13953531124104893TQ311048Yes
BN88 1PR50.838201-0.147903530508105931TQ305059No
BN88 1TH50.836339-0.143915530794105731TQ307057Yes
BN88 1WQ50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WS50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WT50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WU50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WW50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WX50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1WY50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046Yes
BN88 1WZ50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XB50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XF50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XG50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XQ50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XR50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XU50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1XX50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1YF50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046Yes
BN88 1YH50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046Yes
BN88 1YL50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1YP50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1YR50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046Yes
BN88 1YZ50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1ZA50.828732-0.13953531124104893TQ311048No
BN88 1ZE50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1ZF50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1ZL50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1ZS50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 1ZT50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046Yes
BN88 3TE50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 3WB50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 3WZ50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
BN88 4YR50.826334-0.140818531040104624TQ310046No
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