BS12 0 postcodes Bristol (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the BS12 0 area covering the areas of Thornbury, Almondsbury, Bristol (no longer in use).

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BS12 0AG51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0AH51.543828-2.561929361128182920ST611829No
BS12 0AJ51.544782-2.559894361270183025ST612830No
BS12 0AL51.545773-2.559545361295183135ST612831No
BS12 0AN51.540562-2.549143362012182550ST620825No
BS12 0AP51.544657-2.561464361161183011ST611830No
BS12 0AQ51.539752-2.547244362143182458ST621824No
BS12 0AR51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0AS51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0AY51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0AZ51.555927-2.566319360834184267ST608842No
BS12 0BA51.545813-2.556791361486183138ST614831No
BS12 0BB51.544992-2.555368361584183046ST615830No
BS12 0BD51.542904-2.557751361417182815ST614828No
BS12 0BE51.543583-2.55874361349182891ST613828No
BS12 0BF51.54642-2.549992361958183202ST619832No
BS12 0BG51.544527-2.558607361359182996ST613829No
BS12 0BH51.542405-2.552928361751182757ST617827No
BS12 0BJ51.541738-2.5553361586182684ST615826No
BS12 0BL51.542257-2.55571361558182742ST615827No
BS12 0BN51.545148-2.552803361762183062ST617830No
BS12 0BP51.54524-2.552444361787183072ST617830No
BS12 0BQ51.542727-2.558989361331182796ST613827No
BS12 0BS51.544783-2.554068361674183022ST616830No
BS12 0BT51.543237-2.551958361819182849ST618828No
BS12 0BU51.543669-2.553867361687182898ST616828No
BS12 0BW51.545038-2.553364361723183050ST617830No
BS12 0BX51.542782-2.55511361600182800ST616827No
BS12 0BY51.542242-2.556978361470182741ST614827No
BS12 0BZ51.54318-2.556355361514182845ST615828No
BS12 0DA51.545492-2.550457361925183099ST619830No
BS12 0DB51.544861-2.550781361902183029ST619830No
BS12 0DE51.544165-2.551493361852182952ST618829No
BS12 0DF51.542927-2.551046361882182814ST618828No
BS12 0DG51.541789-2.55021361939182687ST619826No
BS12 0DH51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0DJ51.526805-2.533582363080181012ST630810No
BS12 0DL51.526953-2.534665363005181029ST630810No
BS12 0DN51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0DT51.541138-2.545184362287182612ST622826No
BS12 0DU51.54011-2.543773362384182497ST623824No
BS12 0DW51.538598-2.542083362500182327ST625823No
BS12 0DX51.540633-2.54551362264182556ST622825No
BS12 0DY51.538895-2.544105362360182362ST623823No
BS12 0DZ51.53839-2.542499362471182305ST624823No
BS12 0EA51.54442-2.549002362025182979ST620829No
BS12 0EB51.544558-2.548369362069182994ST620829No
BS12 0EE51.542754-2.549587361983182794ST619827No
BS12 0EF51.542103-2.546378362205182720ST622827No
BS12 0EG51.542241-2.545818362244182735ST622827No
BS12 0EH51.542331-2.551572361845182748ST618827No
BS12 0EL51.543204-2.55513361599182847ST615828No
BS12 0EN51.544504-2.550128361947182988ST619829No
BS12 0EP51.540647-2.546231362214182558ST622825No
BS12 0EQ51.542417-2.54843362063182756ST620827No
BS12 0ER51.539467-2.544919362304182426ST623824No
BS12 0ES51.541143-2.547953362095182614ST620826No
BS12 0ET51.540163-2.547811362104182504ST621825No
BS12 0EU51.539703-2.546306362208182453ST622824No
BS12 0EW51.541649-2.551232361868182672ST618826No
BS12 0EX51.543959-2.549573361985182928ST619829No
BS12 0EY51.543669-2.548127362085182895ST620828No
BS12 0EZ51.543226-2.548612362051182846ST620828No
BS12 0HA51.525736-2.531321363236180892ST632808No
BS12 0HB51.525795-2.53223363173180899ST631808No
BS12 0HD51.527903-2.531361363235181133ST632811No
BS12 0HE51.527513-2.531976363192181090ST631810No
BS12 0HF51.524435-2.530744363275180747ST632807No
BS12 0HG51.526996-2.530947363263181031ST632810No
BS12 0HH51.527553-2.531169363248181094ST632810No
BS12 0HJ51.526892-2.530268363310181020ST633810No
BS12 0HL51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0HN51.525736-2.531321363236180892ST632808No
BS12 0HP51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0HQ51.539255-2.545969362231182403ST622824No
BS12 0HS51.555927-2.566319360834184267ST608842No
BS12 0PP51.527157-2.531136363250181049ST632810No
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