BT76 postcodes Dungannon and South Tyrone

This is a list of postcodes in the BT76 area covering the areas of Clogher, Dungannon and South Tyrone. The area contains approximately 642 households with a population of about 1,888 (2011 census)

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BT76 0 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BT76 0AA54.411547-7.17099264631514114NV646141Yes
BT76 0AB54.412874-7.16937964746514254NV647142Yes
BT76 0AD54.414133-7.16567264997514376NV649143Yes
BT76 0AE54.417469-7.16084465337514724NV653147Yes
BT76 0AF54.415527-7.16458165079514526NV650145Yes
BT76 0AG54.418534-7.16294865209514852NV652148Yes
BT76 0AH54.417749-7.16624564989514781NV649147No
BT76 0AJ54.410637-7.17325964477514024NV644140Yes
BT76 0AL54.41683-7.16201365256514658NV652146Yes
BT76 0AN54.415804-7.16047865347514537NV653145Yes
BT76 0AP54.416436-7.15955665412514603NV654146Yes
BT76 0AQ54.414804-7.16789264859514461NV648144Yes
BT76 0AR54.412845-7.16263365183514219NV651142Yes
BT76 0AS54.415754-7.16360665144514547NV651145Yes
BT76 0AT54.418883-7.15238965897514841NV658148Yes
BT76 0AU54.432506-7.14659166383516327NV663163Yes
BT76 0AW54.476065-7.2360560949521596NV609215Yes
BT76 0AX54.415823-7.16189565256514546NV652145Yes
BT76 0BZ54.428699-7.16619365082515997NV650159Yes
BT76 0DA54.427619-7.16983564837515895NV648158Yes
BT76 0DB54.441325-7.15255866069517336NV660173Yes
BT76 0DP54.448834-7.18494564032518324NV640183Yes
BT76 0DW54.459326-7.18610964043519496NV640194Yes
BT76 0DY54.410357-7.15099465918513887NV659138Yes
BT76 0DZ54.407525-7.13301967060513487NV670134Yes
BT76 0HE54.408656-7.17254464507513800NV645138Yes
BT76 0HF54.396906-7.1859663541512559NV635125Yes
BT76 0HG54.389824-7.20429662294511860NV622118Yes
BT76 0HH54.38054-7.19296362952510774NV629107Yes
BT76 0HJ54.375455-7.17565964033510126NV640101Yes
BT76 0HL54.386091-7.17290664299511295NV642112Yes
BT76 0HN54.389954-7.15740465336511650NV653116Yes
BT76 0HP54.392587-7.12462167483511787NV674117Yes
BT76 0HQ54.389281-7.21617461519511856NV615118Yes
BT76 0HT54.371997-7.12219767473509487NV674094Yes
BT76 0HU54.369769-7.14853965746509365NV657093Yes
BT76 0HW54.396648-7.14467266216512333NV662123Yes
BT76 0HX54.40051-7.20778462155513064NV621130No
BT76 0HY54.391044-7.23185860516512128NV605121Yes
BT76 0JY54.402973-7.19307763129513267NV631132Yes
BT76 0JZ54.401384-7.20402662406513143NV624131Yes
BT76 0LA54.398497-7.21174961882512859NV618128Yes
BT76 0LB54.389938-7.24590259596512073NV595120Yes
BT76 0TG54.412179-7.17547764345514206NV643142Yes
BT76 0TH54.406292-7.20456262412513691NV624136Yes
BT76 0TJ54.412042-7.19644162986514291NV629142Yes
BT76 0TL54.397592-7.22748660854512834NV608128Yes
BT76 0TN54.401775-7.24098960013513365NV600133Yes
BT76 0TQ54.409091-7.18237763873513896NV638138Yes
BT76 0TU54.427852-7.24349660067516274NV600162Yes
BT76 0TX54.424983-7.24012860261515939NV602159Yes
BT76 0UD54.447471-7.2710258447518588NV584185Yes
BT76 0UE54.458262-7.2683358711519774NV587197Yes
BT76 0UF54.438932-7.2570759279517571NV592175Yes
BT76 0UG54.430174-7.23132660874516474NV608164Yes
BT76 0UR54.42222-7.19628863079515421NV630154Yes
BT76 0UT54.416277-7.19301663242514745NV632147Yes
BT76 0UU54.416393-7.21049762110514842NV621148Yes
BT76 0UW54.41917-7.17439764473514978NV644149Yes
BT76 0UX54.406801-7.22612761018513851NV610138Yes
BT76 0UY54.422115-7.22010861535515524NV615155Yes
BT76 0UZ54.42448-7.22605661169515815NV611158Yes
BT76 0XA54.427118-7.20212562741515993NV627159Yes
BT76 0XB54.432566-7.20816762395516628NV623166Yes
BT76 0XD54.444067-7.2306561033518014NV610180Yes
BT76 0XE54.446793-7.21869861830518259NV618182Yes
BT76 0XF54.467585-7.21925861965520573NV619205Yes
BT76 0XG54.463388-7.20656962752520045NV627200No
BT76 0XH54.465888-7.1975363358520280NV633202Yes
BT76 0XJ54.447929-7.19601663308518277NV633182Yes
BT76 0XL54.472956-7.24744560185521305NV601213Yes
BT76 0XN54.462376-7.24353760351520111NV603201Yes
BT76 0XP54.430728-7.21006762256516433NV622164Yes
BT76 0XQ54.464747-7.19753763348520153NV633201Yes
BT76 0XR54.436343-7.1897763617516959NV636169Yes
BT76 0XS54.425596-7.18274163985515732NV639157Yes
BT76 0XT54.437277-7.18309464058517031NV640170Yes
BT76 0XW54.443659-7.2078662506517859NV625178Yes
BT76 0YZ54.443659-7.2078662506517859NV625178No
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