BT77 postcodes Dungannon and South Tyrone

This is a list of postcodes in the BT77 area covering the areas of Augher, Dungannon and South Tyrone. The area contains approximately 436 households with a population of about 1,337 (2011 census)

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BT77 0 

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BT77 0AB54.428382-7.12764867577515778NV675157Yes
BT77 0AP54.429739-7.13142567343515947NV673159Yes
BT77 0AR54.429739-7.13142567343515947NV673159No
BT77 0AX54.42612-7.13412167139515557NV671155Yes
BT77 0AY54.42667-7.13316967205515614NV672156Yes
BT77 0AZ54.427137-7.1318567295515659NV672156Yes
BT77 0BA54.427657-7.13293367229515722NV672157No
BT77 0BB54.428367-7.13051467391515790NV673157No
BT77 0BD54.429081-7.13242567273515878NV672158Yes
BT77 0BE54.43226-7.13721266989516254NV669162Yes
BT77 0BG54.428197-7.13064167382515771NV673157Yes
BT77 0BH54.428272-7.12976167439515776NV674157No
BT77 0BJ54.429146-7.13023667416515875NV674158Yes
BT77 0BL54.427467-7.12911667475515683NV674156Yes
BT77 0BN54.429995-7.13083467384515972NV673159Yes
BT77 0BP54.435744-7.11221968636516523NV686165Yes
BT77 0BQ54.42827-7.13085567368515781NV673157No
BT77 0BR54.44019-7.09160970007516920NV700169Yes
BT77 0BS54.444758-7.08141170705517380NV707173Yes
BT77 0BT54.43751-7.08166670630516576NV706165Yes
BT77 0BW54.442762-7.11732368363517327NV683173Yes
BT77 0BX54.446486-7.09126970080517618NV700176Yes
BT77 0BY54.431719-7.14955166185516253NV661162Yes
BT77 0DA54.440367-7.17366264694517328NV646173No
BT77 0DD54.438184-7.17105564845517073NV648170Yes
BT77 0DE54.438288-7.15886265636517027NV656170Yes
BT77 0DF54.442602-7.14006266888517417NV668174Yes
BT77 0DG54.450836-7.12943767643518282NV676182Yes
BT77 0DH54.460643-7.120368315519328NV683193Yes
BT77 0DJ54.461083-7.17102465034519618NV650196Yes
BT77 0DL54.45722-7.15808865840519127NV658191Yes
BT77 0DN54.464026-7.16789565261519930NV652199Yes
BT77 0DQ54.462286-7.14136166964519610NV669196Yes
BT77 0EA54.414084-7.12317767751514168NV677141Yes
BT77 0EB54.419801-7.13118867278514841NV672148Yes
BT77 0ED54.420526-7.117268190514855NV681148Yes
BT77 0EE54.427349-7.1276767567515663NV675156Yes
BT77 0EF54.427785-7.12713767605515709NV676157Yes
BT77 0EG54.428417-7.12259367905515758NV679157Yes
BT77 0EH54.436128-7.09860369521516502NV695165Yes
BT77 0EJ54.433923-7.06499571681516099NV716160Yes
BT77 0EL54.42131-7.05805772030514665NV720146Yes
BT77 0EN54.412039-7.07311770979513705NV709137Yes
BT77 0EP54.417518-7.09908869340514436NV693144Yes
BT77 0EQ54.433079-7.0885370149516116NV701161Yes
BT77 0ER54.409662-7.09376269622513538NV696135Yes
BT77 0ES54.405148-7.11252668369513125NV683131Yes
BT77 0ET54.391108-7.10667268635511537NV686115Yes
BT77 0EU54.401701-7.08993469806512635NV698126Yes
BT77 0EW54.424802-7.08569470267515182NV702151Yes
BT77 0EX54.400958-7.0785170541512499NV705124Yes
BT77 0EY54.428556-7.12938567466515805NV674158Yes
BT77 0HA54.429863-7.13250167275515965NV672159Yes
BT77 0HL54.428849-7.12390967823515812NV678158Yes
BT77 0HR54.384702-7.12000267719510888NV677108Yes
BT77 0HS54.382049-7.0846969988510427NV699104Yes
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