BT93 2 postcodes Fermanagh

This is a list of postcodes in the BT93 2 area covering the areas of Belleek, Belcoo, Kesh, Derrygonnelly, Garrison, Fermanagh. The area contains approximately 148 households with a population of about 400 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BT93 2AA54.483422-8.00707311134526410NV111264Yes
BT93 2AB54.49738-7.97934113060527807NV130278Yes
BT93 2AD54.467512-7.99584311709524580NV117245No
BT93 2AE54.483804-7.96973613552526246NV135262Yes
BT93 2AF54.483816-7.98590512507526336NV125263Yes
BT93 2AH54.492574-7.97761513126527263NV131272Yes
BT93 2AJ54.504895-7.96379314136528556NV141285Yes
BT93 2AL54.506713-7.9468115251528664NV152286Yes
BT93 2AN54.508745-7.93274416179528813NV161288Yes
BT93 2AP54.510131-7.92221216873528910NV168289Yes
BT93 2AQ54.511611-7.89605618577528931NV185289No
BT93 2AR54.485047-8.01239610805526619NV108266Yes
BT93 2AS54.531746-7.88020319790531082NV197310Yes
BT93 2AT54.518886-7.98036413197530201NV131302Yes
BT93 2AU54.531257-7.88502419474531054NV194310No
BT93 2AW54.509451-7.92744716528528863NV165288No
BT93 2AX54.507475-7.96940913797528873NV137288Yes
BT93 2AY54.502278-7.99875611851528458NV118284No
BT93 2AZ54.503462-7.98075813026528490NV130284Yes
BT93 2BA54.513946-7.90642617929529247NV179292Yes
BT93 2BB54.519809-7.89118618969529816NV189298Yes
BT93 2BD54.522995-7.88764119227530150NV192301No
BT93 2BE54.523135-7.88413519455530147NV194301Yes
BT93 2BF54.528999-7.87355420194530741NV201307Yes
BT93 2BG54.516576-7.89297118823529466NV188294Yes
BT93 2BH54.533953-7.85347221537531183NV215311Yes
BT93 2BJ54.532328-7.89705418706531238NV187312Yes
BT93 2BL54.487869-7.99644211864526845NV118268Yes
BT93 2BN54.514778-7.96911113886529683NV138296Yes
BT93 2BP54.514081-7.98507612847529693NV128296Yes
BT93 2BQ54.527601-7.98456113009531192NV130311Yes
BT93 2BR00Yes
BT93 2BS54.509699-7.90864317746528788NV177287Yes
BT93 2BT54.497272-7.97903213079527793NV130277Yes
BT93 2BU54.486773-8.00662611195526779NV111267Yes
BT93 2BW54.490725-8.00059311623527185NV116271Yes
BT93 2BX54.493438-7.99412712066527450NV120274Yes
BT93 2BY54.507288-7.97782313252528899NV132288Yes
BT93 2BZ54.484275-8.00759711108526507NV111265Yes
BT93 2DA54.497866-7.9885712468527912NV124279Yes
BT93 2DB54.429676-7.79261424512519272NV245192Yes
BT93 2DD54.507748-7.98649912695528998NV126289No
BT93 2DE54.502646-7.99673411985528488NV119284Yes
BT93 2DF54.516767-7.98791612689530007NV126300Yes
BT93 2DG54.516767-7.98791612689530007NV126300No
BT93 2DH54.515895-7.90492318044529456NV180294Yes
BT93 2DJ54.515394-7.90750317873529414NV178294No
BT93 2DL54.515703-7.91262917545529476NV175294No
BT93 2DN54.532774-7.87488620143531167NV201311Yes
BT93 2DP54.512134-7.90863817769529058NV177290Yes
BT93 2DQ54.517721-7.89699818574529615NV185296Yes
BT93 2DR54.514456-7.94553415406529518NV154295Yes
BT93 2DS54.515482-7.95101415062529662NV150296Yes
BT93 2DT54.515545-7.95084415073529668NV150296No
BT93 2DU54.517978-7.94829315261529924NV152299No
BT93 2DW54.514455-7.90242618192529282NV181292Yes
BT93 2DX54.53281-7.97941513391531742NV133317Yes
BT93 2DY54.53647-7.9601814668532043NV146320Yes
BT93 2DZ54.532576-7.97643413581531700NV135316No
BT93 2EA54.510873-7.9798913152529308NV131293Yes
BT93 2EB54.515433-7.91238217558529445NV175294Yes
BT93 2EE54.510873-7.9798913152529308NV131293Yes
BT93 2EF54.515647-7.88795519139529336NV191293No
BT93 2EH54.499552-7.96889113756527990NV137279Yes
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