BT93 4 postcodes Fermanagh

This is a list of postcodes in the BT93 4 area covering the areas of Belleek, Belcoo, Kesh, Derrygonnelly, Garrison, Fermanagh. The area contains approximately 366 households with a population of about 932 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
BT93 4AA54.419246-8.0789845866519682NV058196Yes
BT93 4AB54.417719-8.092095002519586NV050195Yes
BT93 4AD54.421346-8.0946864869520004NV048200Yes
BT93 4AE54.419779-8.0889375226519797NV052197Yes
BT93 4AF54.429695-8.0902225239520906NV052209Yes
BT93 4AG54.424517-7.98597211940519750NV119197Yes
BT93 4AH54.421461-8.0551887428519795NV074197Yes
BT93 4AJ54.417988-8.0464347962519361NV079193Yes
BT93 4AL54.365186-8.0363458111513439NV081134No
BT93 4AN54.418867-8.0157199960519287NV099192Yes
BT93 4AP54.371144-8.0296118605514064NV086140Yes
BT93 4AQ54.363481-8.0295288537513212NV085132Yes
BT93 4AR54.375277-8.0286298708514517NV087145Yes
BT93 4AS54.439632-8.0365798807521710NV088217Yes
BT93 4AT54.431426-7.9889911810520534NV118205Yes
BT93 4AU54.438-8.0851395648521800NV056217Yes
BT93 4AW54.411868-8.0842075456518892NV054188Yes
BT93 4AX54.436789-8.0819465843521647NV058216Yes
BT93 4AY54.426229-8.05927214520347NV072203Yes
BT93 4AZ54.436023-8.0536057670521404NV076214Yes
BT93 4BA54.429059-8.0573867359520651NV073206Yes
BT93 4BB54.446477-8.1008024716522829NV047228Yes
BT93 4BD54.383842-8.0455957690515563NV076155Yes
BT93 4BE54.441762-8.0986944806522294NV048222No
BT93 4BF54.440831-8.1052884371522228NV043222No
BT93 4BG54.447221-8.1223383329523034NV033230Yes
BT93 4BH54.41416-7.99440111296518646NV112186Yes
BT93 4BJ54.455538-8.1396772287524055NV022240Yes
BT93 4BL54.443644-8.1400992144522737NV021227Yes
BT93 4BN54.438308-8.1472321631522185NV016221No
BT93 4BP54.366154-8.0438537634513589NV076135Yes
BT93 4BQ54.426118-8.1034944345520583NV043205Yes
BT93 4BS54.449585-8.1290512917523334NV029233Yes
BT93 4BT54.381227-8.00737910143515060NV101150Yes
BT93 4BW54.374495-8.0286448700514431NV086144Yes
BT93 4BX54.379428-8.0235849075514950NV090149Yes
BT93 4BY54.420124-8.0948994843519869NV048198Yes
BT93 4BZ54.418469-8.0549077418519461NV074194Yes
BT93 4DA54.417858-8.0319248901519265NV089192Yes
BT93 4DB54.396732-8.0136029887516817NV098168Yes
BT93 4DD54.413289-8.00849410375518628NV103186Yes
BT93 4DE54.421275-7.99604811257519446NV112194Yes
BT93 4DF54.410063-8.01322110038518295NV100182Yes
BT93 4DG54.386155-8.0561877025515879NV070158Yes
BT93 4DH54.39366-7.99945310774516397NV107163Yes
BT93 4DJ54.403722-8.0665136524517888NV065178Yes
BT93 4DL54.389093-8.0548687139516198NV071161Yes
BT93 4DN54.393058-8.00348610507516353NV105163Yes
BT93 4DP54.414768-8.0289959061518906NV090189Yes
BT93 4DQ54.383626-8.0667426317515657NV063156Yes
BT93 4DR54.373238-8.0541857031514433NV070144Yes
BT93 4DS54.375265-8.0606816630514695NV066146No
BT93 4DT54.437921-8.1480011577522146NV015221Yes
BT93 4DU54.384658-7.98521611612515319NV116153Yes
BT93 4DW54.382484-7.98243211772515062NV117150Yes
BT93 4DX54.383608-7.99712910830515268NV108152Yes
BT93 4DY54.387641-8.0016710574515741NV105157Yes
BT93 4DZ54.387641-8.0016710574515741NV105157Yes
BT93 4EA54.410337-8.0890865126518750NV051187Yes
BT93 4EB54.434747-8.1078464146521566NV041215Yes
BT93 4ED54.369934-8.0181789335513866NV093138Yes
BT93 4EE54.449357-8.1238243253523279NV032232Yes
BT93 4EF54.415318-8.0833675544519271NV055192Yes
BT93 4EG54.38121-8.0453777679515270NV076152Yes
BT93 4EL54.398317-8.0767745808517345NV058173Yes
BT93 4EN54.414332-8.0928834918519215NV049192Yes
BT93 4EP54.408321-8.0938864795518553NV047185Yes
BT93 4EQ54.413787-8.0883385207519129NV052191Yes
BT93 4ER54.415106-8.0900825107519285NV051192Yes
BT93 4ES54.412916-8.087495254519027NV052190Yes
BT93 4ET54.414218-8.0889865169519180NV051191Yes
BT93 4EU54.414218-8.0889865169519180NV051191No
BT93 4EY54.428295-8.1102483928520863NV039208Yes
BT93 4EZ54.443226-8.1097034108522519NV041225Yes
BT93 4FA54.433766-8.1194163388521523NV033215Yes
BT93 4FB54.442788-8.1494521531522695NV015226Yes
BT93 4FE54.36263-8.0203449125513066NV091130Yes
BT93 4FL54.392905-8.0158799703516404NV097164Yes
BT93 4FR54.388974-8.0378128243516090NV082160Yes
BT93 4FS54.397501-8.0333868612517012NV086170Yes
BT93 4GP54.413517-8.0886615184519100NV051191Yes
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