CF39 postcodes Rhondda Cynon Taf - page 4

This is a list of postcodes in the CF39 area covering the areas of Porth, Llwyncelyn, Cymmer, Glynfach, Trebanog, Ynyshir, Wattstown, Dinas, Tonyrefail, Coed Ely, Thomastown, Gilfach Goch, Evanstown, Rhondda Cynon Taf. The area contains approximately 12,213 households with a population of about 28,868 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CF39 9TW51.612622-3.39464303529191342ST035913Yes
CF39 9TY51.613358-3.391687303735191420ST037914Yes
CF39 9UA51.613106-3.398569303258191401ST032914Yes
CF39 9UB51.613032-3.404026302880191400ST028914Yes
CF39 9UD51.612129-3.399059303222191293ST032912Yes
CF39 9UE51.615748-3.398708303254191695ST032916Yes
CF39 9UG51.613595-3.399783303175191457ST031914Yes
CF39 9UH51.614373-3.408656302562191556ST025915Yes
CF39 9UL51.614891-3.409457302508191614ST025916Yes
CF39 9UN51.61541-3.409646302496191672ST024916Yes
CF39 9UP51.613729-3.406604302703191481ST027914Yes
CF39 9UR51.613631-3.405778302760191469ST027914Yes
CF39 9UT51.61408-3.406615302703191520ST027915Yes
CF39 9UU51.614938-3.407768302625191617ST026916Yes
CF39 9UW51.614591-3.408248302591191579ST025915Yes
CF39 9UX51.618543-3.407865302626192018ST026920Yes
CF39 9UY51.616332-3.409227302527191774ST025917Yes
CF39 9WR51.616314-3.40927302524191772ST025917No
CF39 9XA51.608241-3.408341302571190873ST025908No
CF39 9XB51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9XD51.61978-3.440058300400192199ST004921No
CF39 9XE51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9XF51.623138-3.471614298223192616SS982926Yes
CF39 9XG51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9XH51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9XJ51.61978-3.440058300400192199ST004921No
CF39 9XL51.61978-3.440058300400192199ST004921No
CF39 9XT51.61978-3.440058300400192199ST004921No
CF39 9YA51.616722-3.408979302545191817ST025918Yes
CF39 9YB51.614728-3.406519302711191592ST027915Yes
CF39 9YD51.615195-3.407314302657191645ST026916Yes
CF39 9YE51.615583-3.408188302597191690ST025916Yes
CF39 9YF51.616361-3.408318302590191776ST025917Yes
CF39 9YG51.616787-3.408056302609191823ST026918Yes
CF39 9YH51.619043-3.40817302606192074ST026920Yes
CF39 9YJ51.620165-3.408291302600192199ST026921No
CF39 9YL51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9YN51.608241-3.408341302571190873ST025908No
CF39 9YP51.623138-3.471614298223192616SS982926No
CF39 9YQ51.617928-3.408106302608191950ST026919No
CF39 9YR51.60108-3.425027301400190099ST014900No
CF39 9YS51.600838-3.423446301509190070ST015900Yes
CF39 9YT51.601098-3.423541301503190099ST015900Yes
CF39 9YU51.601597-3.423195301528190154ST015901Yes
CF39 9YW51.60108-3.425027301400190099ST014900No
CF39 9YX51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No
CF39 9YY51.601959-3.424705301424190197ST014901Yes
CF39 9YZ51.608241-3.408341302571190873ST025908No
CF39 9ZJ51.623138-3.471585298225192616SS982926No

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