CF63 postcodes Vale of Glamorgan - page 4

This is a list of postcodes in the CF63 area covering the areas of Barry, Cadoxton, Barry Docks, Vale of Glamorgan. The area contains approximately 9,424 households with a population of about 21,734 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CF63 9BE51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BF51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BG51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BH51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BJ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BL51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BN51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BP51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BQ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BR51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BS51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BT51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BU51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BW51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BX51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9BY51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9BZ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DA51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DB51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DD51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DE51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9DF51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DG51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DH51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DJ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DL51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DN51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9DP51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DQ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DR51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DS51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DT51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DU51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9DW51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DX51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DY51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9DZ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EA51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EB51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9ED51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EE51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EF51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9EG51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EH51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EJ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EL51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EN51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EP51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EQ51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9ER51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9ES51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9ET51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9EU51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EW51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EX51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9EY51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9EZ51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 9FA51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FB51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9FD51.40442-3.272992311549168034ST115680No
CF63 9FE51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680No
CF63 9FF51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FG51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FH51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680No
CF63 9FJ51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FL51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680No
CF63 9FN51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FP51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9FQ51.404419-3.273003311548168034ST115680Yes
CF63 9YU00No
CF63 9YW00No
CF63 9YX51.403427-3.271728311635167922ST116679Yes
CF63 9YY00No
CF63 9YZ00No
CF63 9ZA00No
CF63 9ZB00No
CF63 9ZD00No
CF63 9ZE00No
CF63 9ZF00No
CF63 9ZG00No
CF63 9ZH00No
CF63 9ZJ00No
CF63 9ZL00No
CF63 9ZN00No
CF63 9ZP00No
CF63 9ZQ00No
CF63 9ZR00No
CF63 9ZS00No
CF63 9ZT00No
CF63 9ZU00No
CF63 9ZW00No
CF63 9ZX00No
CF63 9ZY51.403427-3.271728311635167922ST116679Yes
CF63 9ZZ51.403427-3.271728311635167922ST116679Yes

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