CF63 3 postcodes Vale of Glamorgan

This is a list of postcodes in the CF63 3 area covering the areas of Barry, Cadoxton, Barry Docks, Vale of Glamorgan. The area contains approximately 641 households with a population of about 1,490 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CF63 3AA51.399214-3.243604313583167420ST135674Yes
CF63 3DH51.401983-3.245452313460167730ST134677Yes
CF63 3HX51.41039-3.252208313006168673ST130686Yes
CF63 3HZ51.409411-3.253763312896168566ST128685Yes
CF63 3JA51.409988-3.253693312902168630ST129686Yes
CF63 3JB51.409125-3.25528312790168536ST127685Yes
CF63 3JD51.408794-3.255127312800168499ST128684No
CF63 3NQ51.406595-3.258934312531168259ST125682Yes
CF63 3NR51.405314-3.260193312441168118ST124681Yes
CF63 3NS51.406004-3.258745312543168193ST125681Yes
CF63 3NT51.406369-3.258281312576168233ST125682Yes
CF63 3NU51.407064-3.258027312595168310ST125683Yes
CF63 3NW51.407381-3.25782312610168345ST126683Yes
CF63 3NX51.407731-3.257024312666168383ST126683Yes
CF63 3NY51.408115-3.256417312709168425ST127684Yes
CF63 3NZ51.408734-3.255686312761168493ST127684Yes
CF63 3PY51.40988-3.257831312614168623ST126686Yes
CF63 3PZ51.410281-3.257324312650168667ST126686Yes
CF63 3QA51.409428-3.256424312711168571ST127685Yes
CF63 3QB51.410778-3.256317312721168721ST127687Yes
CF63 3QD51.410081-3.25591312748168643ST127686Yes
CF63 3QE51.410384-3.2553312791168676ST127686Yes
CF63 3QF51.410706-3.254647312837168711ST128687Yes
CF63 3QG51.410632-3.253969312884168702ST128687Yes
CF63 3QQ51.4059-3.258278312575168181ST125681Yes
CF63 3RA51.401744-3.250056313139167709ST131677Yes
CF63 3RB51.398998-3.246233313400167399ST134673No
CF63 3RE51.400192-3.24559313447167531ST134675Yes
CF63 3RF51.398104-3.244839313495167298ST134672Yes
CF63 3RG51.398224-3.25386312868167322ST128673Yes
CF63 3UL51.405044-3.269401311800168099ST118680No
CF63 3US51.396023-3.257005312645167081ST126670Yes
CF63 3UX51.400611-3.263528312200167599ST122675No
CF63 3XA51.399071-3.245272313467167406ST134674Yes
CF63 3YA51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 3YB51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
CF63 3YD51.407714-3.256089312731168380ST127683No
CF63 3YG51.404056-3.27258311577167993ST115679No
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