CF64 postcodes Vale of Glamorgan - page 7

This is a list of postcodes in the CF64 area covering the areas of Penarth, Dinas Powys, Sully, Llandough, Vale of Glamorgan. The area contains approximately 15,816 households with a population of about 36,348 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CF64 9DY51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9DZ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EA51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EB51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9ED51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EE51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EF51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EG51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EH51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EJ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EL51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EN51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9EP51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EQ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9ER51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9ES51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9ET51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EU51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EW51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EX51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9EZ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FA51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FB51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FD51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FE51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FF51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FG51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FH51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FJ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FL51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FN51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FP51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FQ51.439487-3.173281318547171818ST185718No
CF64 9FR51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FS51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718No
CF64 9FT51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718No
CF64 9FU51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FW51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FX51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9FY51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718No
CF64 9FZ51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718No
CF64 9GA51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9GB51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9GD51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9GE51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9GF51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718No
CF64 9GG51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9GH51.439487-3.17329318546171818ST185718Yes
CF64 9ZZ00No

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