CF82 6 postcodes Caerphilly

This is a list of postcodes in the CF82 6 area covering the areas of Hengoed, Cefn Hengoed, Ystad Mynach, Gelligaer, Maesycwmmer, Caerphilly. The area contains approximately 318 households with a population of about 772 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CF82 6AA51.653793-3.24569313920195735ST139957Yes
CF82 6AB51.651234-3.239857314319195444ST143954Yes
CF82 6AH51.650593-3.239246314360195372ST143953Yes
CF82 6AJ51.652599-3.242597314132195599ST141955Yes
CF82 6AL51.654412-3.246289313880195805ST138958Yes
CF82 6AN51.654379-3.246014313899195801ST138958Yes
CF82 6AP51.655534-3.243964314043195927ST140959Yes
CF82 6AQ51.653034-3.243144314095195648ST140956Yes
CF82 6AR51.653307-3.241937314179195677ST141956Yes
CF82 6AS51.653647-3.24131314223195714ST142957Yes
CF82 6AU51.654209-3.243436314077195779ST140957Yes
CF82 6AW51.652982-3.241249314226195640ST142956Yes
CF82 6AX51.652462-3.241119314234195582ST142955Yes
CF82 6AY51.655103-3.242188314165195877ST141958Yes
CF82 6AZ51.654262-3.2427314128195784ST141957Yes
CF82 6BA51.655685-3.242465314147195942ST141959Yes
CF82 6BB51.656998-3.241561314212196087ST142960Yes
CF82 6BD51.657223-3.242391314155196113ST141961Yes
CF82 6BE51.656533-3.241288314230196035ST142960Yes
CF82 6BF51.658114-3.240965314255196210ST142962Yes
CF82 6BG51.657746-3.241408314224196170ST142961Yes
CF82 6BH51.658855-3.241448314223196293ST142962Yes
CF82 6GT51.650391-3.241366314213195352ST142953Yes
CF82 6GU51.65098-3.240992314240195417ST142954Yes
CF82 6GX51.651474-3.241887314179195473ST141954Yes
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