CF91 postcodes Cardiff

This is a list of postcodes in the CF91 area covering the areas of Non-geographic, Cardiff.

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
CF91 1WX51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747No
CF91 1WY51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747No
CF91 1WZ51.465736-3.193634317180174760ST171747Yes
CF91 1XN51.465736-3.193634317180174760ST171747Yes
CF91 5AA51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747No
CF91 5AB51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AD51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AE51.465176-3.194771317100174699ST171746Yes
CF91 5AF51.465176-3.194771317100174699ST171746Yes
CF91 5AG51.465176-3.194771317100174699ST171746Yes
CF91 5AH51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AJ51.465736-3.193634317180174760ST171747Yes
CF91 5AL51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AN51.465176-3.194771317100174699ST171746Yes
CF91 5AP51.465176-3.194771317100174699ST171746Yes
CF91 5AQ51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AR51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AS51.465745-3.193634317180174761ST171747Yes
CF91 5AT51.465736-3.193634317180174760ST171747Yes
CF91 5AU51.465736-3.193634317180174760ST171747Yes
  • Page 1 of 1 (20 postcodes, 17 active)

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