CH60 5 postcodes Wirral

This is a list of postcodes in the CH60 5 area covering the areas of Gayton, Heswall, Wirral. The area contains approximately 772 households with a population of about 1,748 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CH60 5BR53.329392-3.097359327014381948SJ270819No
CH60 5RA53.329347-3.097418327010381943SJ270819Yes
CH60 5RB53.327787-3.092003327368381764SJ273817Yes
CH60 5RD53.329841-3.096455327075381997SJ270819Yes
CH60 5RE53.328742-3.092763327319381871SJ273818Yes
CH60 5RF53.328506-3.092831327314381845SJ273818Yes
CH60 5RG53.328337-3.095801327116381829SJ271818Yes
CH60 5RJ53.328199-3.09416327225381812SJ272818Yes
CH60 5RL53.327173-3.094359327210381698SJ272816Yes
CH60 5RN53.326414-3.092733327317381612SJ273816Yes
CH60 5RP53.326543-3.0914327406381625SJ274816Yes
CH60 5RQ53.328514-3.095084327164381848SJ271818Yes
CH60 5RR53.326522-3.090814327445381622SJ274816Yes
CH60 5RS53.331004-3.086047327770382116SJ277821Yes
CH60 5RT53.327816-3.094796327182381770SJ271817Yes
CH60 5RU53.327836-3.093279327283381771SJ272817Yes
CH60 5RW53.327017-3.092734327318381679SJ273816Yes
CH60 5RX53.328944-3.089374327545381890SJ275818Yes
CH60 5RY53.330226-3.086794327719382030SJ277820Yes
CH60 5RZ53.327473-3.092744327318381730SJ273817Yes
CH60 5SA53.328397-3.089195327556381829SJ275818Yes
CH60 5SB53.329754-3.086317327750381977SJ277819Yes
CH60 5SD53.32967-3.095459327141381977SJ271819Yes
CH60 5SE53.330279-3.093778327254382043SJ272820Yes
CH60 5SF53.33227-3.092282327357382263SJ273822Yes
CH60 5SG53.330023-3.093306327285382014SJ272820Yes
CH60 5SH53.329335-3.092883327312381937SJ273819Yes
CH60 5SJ53.332927-3.093245327294382337SJ272823Yes
CH60 5SL53.332147-3.093991327243382251SJ272822Yes
CH60 5SN53.329616-3.091629327396381967SJ273819Yes
CH60 5SP53.331901-3.093399327282382223SJ272822Yes
CH60 5SQ53.331925-3.091763327391382224SJ273822Yes
CH60 5SR53.331538-3.094696327195382184SJ271821Yes
CH60 5SS53.330734-3.095126327165382095SJ271820Yes
CH60 5ST53.330578-3.095528327138382078SJ271820Yes
CH60 5SU53.332489-3.094901327183382290SJ271822Yes
CH60 5SW53.329503-3.091161327427381954SJ274819Yes
CH60 5SX53.332775-3.095838327121382323SJ271823Yes
CH60 5SY53.33289-3.094326327222382334SJ272823Yes
CH60 5SZ53.333197-3.096105327104382370SJ271823Yes
CH60 5TB53.329857-3.092716327324381995SJ273819Yes
CH60 5TE53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
CH60 5TL53.329848-3.092716327324381994SJ273819No
CH60 5TP53.329899-3.093078327300382000SJ272819No
CH60 5TR53.329199-3.096904327044381926SJ270819Yes
CH60 5TT53.32971-3.093088327299381979SJ272819No
CH60 5TU53.329899-3.093078327300382000SJ272819No
CH60 5TY53.330613-3.08772327658382074SJ276820Yes
CH60 5WA53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
CH60 5WB53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
CH60 5WF53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
CH60 5WH53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
CH60 5WP53.329667-3.098808326918381980SJ269819No
CH60 5WQ53.329667-3.098808326918381980SJ269819No
CH60 5YY53.329738-3.098885326913381988SJ269819No
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