CH62 0 postcodes Wirral

This is a list of postcodes in the CH62 0 area covering the areas of Bromborough, Eastham, New Ferry, Port Sunlight, Spital, Wirral. The area contains approximately 582 households with a population of about 1,294 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CH62 0AA53.312431-2.964119335862379933SJ358799Yes
CH62 0AB53.309951-2.961766336015379654SJ360796Yes
CH62 0AD53.317134-2.962558335973380454SJ359804No
CH62 0AE53.310648-2.961197336054379732SJ360797Yes
CH62 0AF53.31181-2.960788336083379860SJ360798Yes
CH62 0AG53.312957-2.963259335920379990SJ359799Yes
CH62 0AH53.312777-2.961305336050379968SJ360799Yes
CH62 0AJ53.315163-2.959722336159380232SJ361802Yes
CH62 0AL53.316759-2.955795336423380407SJ364804Yes
CH62 0AN53.314989-2.961009336073380214SJ360802Yes
CH62 0AP53.318726-2.954758336495380624SJ364806Yes
CH62 0AQ53.313691-2.961415336044380070SJ360800Yes
CH62 0AR53.318785-2.954204336532380630SJ365806Yes
CH62 0AS53.322052-2.954772336499380994SJ364809Yes
CH62 0AT53.326576-2.955594336451381498SJ364814Yes
CH62 0AU53.328574-2.956254336410381721SJ364817Yes
CH62 0AW53.314382-2.96053336104380146SJ361801Yes
CH62 0AX53.318514-2.953177336600380599SJ366805No
CH62 0AY53.323601-2.959987336154381171SJ361811No
CH62 0AZ53.31644-2.954002336542380369SJ365803Yes
CH62 0BA53.315728-2.954226336526380290SJ365802Yes
CH62 0BB53.323353-2.951498336719381136SJ367811Yes
CH62 0BD53.319267-2.953509336579380683SJ365806Yes
CH62 0BE53.326634-2.9551336484381504SJ364815Yes
CH62 0BF53.321651-2.958802336230380953SJ362809Yes
CH62 0BG53.322341-2.959163336207381031SJ362810Yes
CH62 0BH53.329408-2.956678336383381814SJ363818Yes
CH62 0BJ53.317178-2.962649335967380459SJ359804Yes
CH62 0BL53.317213-2.96187336019380462SJ360804Yes
CH62 0BN53.317145-2.960232336128380453SJ361804Yes
CH62 0BP53.317396-2.960403336117380482SJ361804Yes
CH62 0BQ53.323251-2.958883336227381131SJ362811Yes
CH62 0BR53.317466-2.958122336269380487SJ362804Yes
CH62 0BS53.317782-2.960456336114380524SJ361805Yes
CH62 0BT53.317717-2.957333336322380514SJ363805Yes
CH62 0BU53.318059-2.960613336104380555SJ361805Yes
CH62 0BW53.317129-2.957845336287380450SJ362804Yes
CH62 0BX53.317997-2.957129336336380545SJ363805Yes
CH62 0BY53.317016-2.962916335949380441SJ359804Yes
CH62 0BZ53.314768-2.963886335881380192SJ358801Yes
CH62 0DA53.316897-2.956489336377380422SJ363804Yes
CH62 0DB53.32572-2.954794336503381403SJ365814Yes
CH62 0DD53.316093-2.962339335986380338SJ359803Yes
CH62 0DE53.317162-2.962649335967380457SJ359804No
CH62 0DF53.323219-2.960654336109381130SJ361811Yes
CH62 0DG53.317074-2.94756336972380434SJ369804Yes
CH62 0DH53.323906-2.960144336144381205SJ361812Yes
CH62 0DN53.316827-2.961846336020380419SJ360804No
CH62 0DR53.311087-2.960156336124379779SJ361797Yes
CH62 0DX53.316933-2.956489336377380426SJ363804No
CH62 0HB53.316933-2.956489336377380426SJ363804No
CH62 0WA53.311115-2.960127336126379783SJ361797No
CH62 0WP53.311115-2.960127336126379783SJ361797No
CH62 0YR53.311115-2.960127336126379783SJ361797No
CH62 0YY53.311115-2.960127336126379783SJ361797No
CH62 0YZ53.311115-2.960127336126379783SJ361797No
CH62 0ZT53.361945-2.99765333705385471SJ337854No
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