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This is a list of postcodes in the CT10 3 area covering the areas of Pysons Road Industrial Estate, St Peters, Broadstairs. The area contains approximately 2,941 households with a population of about 7,197 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CT10 3RY51.3816911.425705638475170308TR384703Yes
CT10 3RZ51.3821061.426221638509170356TR385703Yes
CT10 3SA51.3835061.427637638600170516TR385705Yes
CT10 3SB51.3861411.430695638799170819TR387708Yes
CT10 3SD51.3881141.433072638954171046TR389710Yes
CT10 3SE51.3860951.431368638846170816TR388708Yes
CT10 3SF51.3827321.427637638604170430TR386704Yes
CT10 3SH51.38191.425951638491170332TR384703Yes
CT10 3UF51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WA51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WB51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WD51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WE51.360191.432849639084167941TR390679No
CT10 3WF51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WG51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WH51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WJ51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WL51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WN51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WP51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WQ51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WR51.3685481.430672638889168863TR388688Yes
CT10 3WS51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WT51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WU51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WW51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WX51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WY51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3WZ51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3XA51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3XB51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3YL51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YN51.3750261.428757638722169577TR387695No
CT10 3YP51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YQ51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
CT10 3YR51.360191.432849639084167941TR390679Yes
CT10 3YS51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YT51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YU51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YW51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YX51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3YY51.3806691.427425638600170200TR385702No
CT10 3ZB51.3601991.432864639085167942TR390679No
  • Page 2 of 2 (243 postcodes, 181 active)

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