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This is a list of postcodes in the CT19 4 area covering the areas of Central Folkestone, Cheriton. The area contains approximately 3,465 households with a population of about 8,888 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
CT19 4PR51.0903291.145039620337137040TR203370Yes
CT19 4PS51.089571.145173620350136956TR203369Yes
CT19 4PT51.0889811.144305620292136888TR202368Yes
CT19 4PU51.0874321.146056620422136721TR204367Yes
CT19 4PW51.0895421.148214620563136962TR205369Yes
CT19 4PX51.0883841.144107620281136821TR202368Yes
CT19 4PY51.0889211.145886620403136886TR204368Yes
CT19 4PZ51.0888911.147655620527136888TR205368Yes
CT19 4QA51.0880621.14837620581136798TR205367Yes
CT19 4QB51.0979871.155573621038137923TR210379Yes
CT19 4QD51.0902171.121693618703136958TR187369No
CT19 4QE51.0918651.135416619656137182TR196371Yes
CT19 4QF51.0921281.135006619626137210TR196372Yes
CT19 4QG51.091691.134233619574137159TR195371Yes
CT19 4QH51.0908431.133947619558137064TR195370Yes
CT19 4QJ51.0902791.121872618715136966TR187369Yes
CT19 4QL51.0938371.138992619897137412TR198374Yes
CT19 4QN51.0903271.122286618744136972TR187369No
CT19 4QP51.0930981.144756620304137347TR203373Yes
CT19 4QQ51.0913371.133441619520137118TR195371Yes
CT19 4QR51.0911921.136685619748137111TR197371Yes
CT19 4QS51.0902171.121693618703136958TR187369No
CT19 4QT51.0888891.128631619195136831TR191368Yes
CT19 4QU51.0909861.147683620519137121TR205371Yes
CT19 4QW51.0893211.143042620202136922TR202369No
CT19 4QX51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4QY51.0893211.143042620202136922TR202369No
CT19 4QZ51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4RA51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4RB51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4RD51.0893121.143028620201136921TR202369No
CT19 4RE51.0893121.143028620201136921TR202369No
CT19 4RF51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4RG51.0939691.150814620724137462TR207374Yes
CT19 4RH51.0947221.150922620728137546TR207375Yes
CT19 4RJ51.0928451.149626620646137334TR206373Yes
CT19 4RL51.0909851.141041620054137101TR200371Yes
CT19 4RR51.0946431.15216620815137541TR208375Yes
CT19 4SW51.0866571.151263620790136651TR207366Yes
CT19 4UX51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WA51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WB51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WD51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WE51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WF51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WH51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4WP51.0786121.177144622641135834TR226358Yes
CT19 4WY51.0786121.177144622641135834TR226358Yes
CT19 4WZ51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4XN51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4XQ51.0786121.177144622641135834TR226358No
CT19 4YB51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4YL51.0786121.177144622641135834TR226358No
CT19 4YP51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4YR51.0893211.143042620202136922TR202369No
CT19 4YS51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4YT51.0785821.177256622649135831TR226358No
CT19 4YU51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4YW51.0943961.147644620500137500TR205375No
CT19 4YX51.0859921.12565619000136500TR189365No
CT19 4YY51.0859921.12565619000136500TR189365No
CT19 4YZ51.0859921.12565619000136500TR189365No
CT19 4ZD51.0786121.177144622641135834TR226358No
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