DA2 8 postcodes Dartford

This is a list of postcodes in the DA2 8 area covering the areas of Dartford, Stone, Joydens Wood, Wilmington, Bean. The area contains approximately 781 households with a population of about 2,044 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
DA2 8AA51.4300860.261973557342172547TQ573725Yes
DA2 8AB51.4307580.261618557315172621TQ573726Yes
DA2 8AD51.4293410.278595558500172500TQ584725No
DA2 8AE51.428060.295407559673172394TQ596723Yes
DA2 8AF51.4283860.292963559502172425TQ595724Yes
DA2 8AG51.4279530.293517559542172378TQ595723Yes
DA2 8AH51.4324720.286405559032172865TQ590728Yes
DA2 8AJ51.4281110.292805559492172394TQ594723Yes
DA2 8AL51.426720.289859559292172233TQ592722Yes
DA2 8AN51.4232870.289313559266171850TQ592718Yes
DA2 8AP51.4245640.291621559422171997TQ594719Yes
DA2 8AQ51.4281340.29531559666172402TQ596724Yes
DA2 8AR51.4230670.289057559249171825TQ592718Yes
DA2 8AS51.4252920.284723558940172063TQ589720Yes
DA2 8AT51.4253810.285217558974172074TQ589720Yes
DA2 8AU51.4260470.284272558906172146TQ589721Yes
DA2 8AW51.4252680.28547558992172062TQ589720Yes
DA2 8AX51.4248490.282961558819172010TQ588720Yes
DA2 8AY51.4265630.278544558506172191TQ585721Yes
DA2 8AZ51.4299990.28129558685172579TQ586725Yes
DA2 8BA51.4270210.282278558764172250TQ587722Yes
DA2 8BB51.4319870.280324558611172798TQ586727Yes
DA2 8BD51.4270660.283661558860172258TQ588722Yes
DA2 8BE51.4282970.285089558955172398TQ589723Yes
DA2 8BF51.4260530.283035558820172144TQ588721Yes
DA2 8BG51.4267820.287186559106172234TQ591722Yes
DA2 8BH51.427140.284945558949172269TQ589722Yes
DA2 8BJ51.4272870.286147559032172288TQ590722Yes
DA2 8BL51.4259520.288238559182172144TQ591721Yes
DA2 8BN51.4255370.28967559283172101TQ592721Yes
DA2 8BP51.4279150.288091559165172362TQ591723Yes
DA2 8BQ51.425020.288982559237172042TQ592720Yes
DA2 8BS51.4246570.28731559122171998TQ591719Yes
DA2 8BT51.4261620.26772557755172123TQ577721Yes
DA2 8BU51.4291150.297991559849172517TQ598725Yes
DA2 8BW51.4266890.287771559147172225TQ591722Yes
DA2 8BX51.4285230.291488559399172437TQ593724Yes
DA2 8BY51.4268610.288657559208172246TQ592722Yes
DA2 8BZ51.4274550.289982559298172315TQ592723Yes
DA2 8DA51.4349520.258645557094173081TQ570730Yes
DA2 8DB51.42830.293218559520172416TQ595724Yes
DA2 8DD51.4136550.275917558368170750TQ583707Yes
DA2 8DE51.4374090.257155556982173351TQ569733Yes
DA2 8DH51.4156030.264062557537170941TQ575709Yes
DA2 8DJ51.4154830.266055557676170932TQ576709Yes
DA2 8DL51.4180390.276638558403171239TQ584712Yes
DA2 8DN51.414640.277505558475170863TQ584708Yes
DA2 8DP51.4134780.277648558489170734TQ584707Yes
DA2 8DR51.41430.273288558183170816TQ581708Yes
DA2 8DS51.4141360.273841558222170799TQ582707Yes
DA2 8DT51.4141130.274099558240170797TQ582707Yes
DA2 8DU51.4113160.280575558700170500TQ586705No
DA2 8DW51.414830.277917558503170885TQ585708Yes
DA2 8DX51.4067480.28285558874169997TQ588699Yes
DA2 8DY51.4129160.281072558729170679TQ587706Yes
DA2 8DZ51.4073340.282807558869170062TQ588700Yes
DA2 8EA51.4008490.285604559086169347TQ590693Yes
DA2 8EB51.4019080.291264559476169477TQ594694Yes
DA2 8ED51.4015120.292653559574169436TQ595694Yes
DA2 8EE51.4279610.256948557000172300TQ570723No
DA2 8EH51.4147610.285176559008170893TQ590708Yes
DA2 8UA51.4008150.285502559079169343TQ590693No
DA2 8WA51.44450.209755553664174039TQ536740No
DA2 8WB51.4139210.284444558960170798TQ589707No
DA2 8WF51.44470.20962553654174061TQ536740No
DA2 8WQ51.44470.20962553654174061TQ536740No
DA2 8WT51.44450.209755553664174039TQ536740No
DA2 8ZW51.44450.209755553664174039TQ536740No
DA2 8ZX51.4249230.2861559037172025TQ590720No
DA2 8ZY51.4249820.285844559019172031TQ590720No
DA2 8ZZ51.4156680.287983559200171000TQ592710No
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