DE2 5 postcodes Derby (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the DE2 5 area covering the areas of Derby (no longer in use).

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
DE2 5AA52.972101-1.459585436389341775SK363417No
DE2 5AB52.970749-1.458753436446341625SK364416No
DE2 5AD52.975806-1.457826436504342188SK365421No
DE2 5AE52.979827-1.454618436716342637SK367426No
DE2 5AF52.969789-1.459063436426341518SK364415No
DE2 5AG52.969722-1.45814436488341511SK364415No
DE2 5AH52.972036-1.456994436563341769SK365417No
DE2 5AJ52.974828-1.460176436347342078SK363420No
DE2 5AL52.979206-1.456234436608342567SK366425No
DE2 5AN52.979427-1.457423436528342591SK365425No
DE2 5AP52.98009-1.457013436555342665SK365426No
DE2 5AQ52.979926-1.45837436464342646SK364426No
DE2 5AR52.980382-1.455892436630342698SK366426No
DE2 5AS52.980927-1.455274436671342759SK366427No
DE2 5AT52.981518-1.454701436709342825SK367428No
DE2 5AU52.977297-1.451761436910342357SK369423No
DE2 5AW52.972982-1.459544436391341873SK363418No
DE2 5AX52.972447-1.458508436461341814SK364418No
DE2 5AY52.970833-1.457382436538341635SK365416No
DE2 5BA52.984186-1.450422436994343124SK369431No
DE2 5BB52.98887-1.450527436983343645SK369436No
DE2 5BD52.986966-1.445114437348343436SK373434No
DE2 5BE52.99244-1.456724436564344039SK365440No
DE2 5BH52.989322-1.445262437336343698SK373436No
DE2 5BJ52.98535-1.428526438463343265SK384432No
DE2 5BL52.994338-1.433935438092344262SK380442No
DE2 5BN52.996532-1.431984438221344507SK382445No
DE2 5BP52.99586-1.436269437934344430SK379444No
DE2 5BQ52.996316-1.435756437968344481SK379444No
DE2 5BR52.996671-1.440445437653344518SK376445No
DE2 5BS52.996674-1.437286437865344520SK378445No
DE2 5BT52.995716-1.438267437800344413SK378444No
DE2 5DA52.957009-1.461753436256340095SK362400No
DE2 5DB52.961075-1.458427436476340549SK364405No
DE2 5DD52.965121-1.460461436336340998SK363409No
DE2 5DE52.967887-1.460039436362341306SK363413No
DE2 5DF52.96755-1.460937436302341268SK363412No
DE2 5DG52.964326-1.459771436383340910SK363409No
DE2 5DH52.969692-1.461535436260341506SK362415No
DE2 5DJ52.971003-1.461102436288341652SK362416No
DE2 5DL52.972122-1.462146436217341776SK362417No
DE2 5DN52.968491-1.46222436215341372SK362413No
DE2 5DP52.972324-1.461041436291341799SK362417No
DE2 5DQ52.965888-1.461285436280341083SK362410No
DE2 5DR52.965983-1.462296436212341093SK362410No
DE2 5DS52.969236-1.466142435951341453SK359414No
DE2 5DT52.97118-1.468501435791341668SK357416No
DE2 5DU52.972666-1.469138435747341833SK357418No
DE2 5DW52.975174-1.469077435749342112SK357421No
DE2 5DX52.969557-1.467493435860341488SK358414No
DE2 5DY52.971252-1.466653435915341677SK359416No
DE2 5DZ52.972634-1.46817435812341830SK358418No
DE2 5EA52.971482-1.465727435977341703SK359417No
DE2 5EB52.968865-1.463407436135341413SK361414No
DE2 5ED52.966502-1.461798436245341151SK362411No
DE2 5EE52.973602-1.461353436269341941SK362419No
DE2 5EF52.973605-1.460132436351341942SK363419No
DE2 5EG52.965333-1.463748436115341020SK361410No
DE2 5EH52.96548-1.462466436201341037SK362410No
DE2 5EJ52.966946-1.462463436200341200SK362411No
DE2 5EL52.966959-1.465441436000341200SK359411No
DE2 5EQ52.969073-1.461871436238341437SK362414No
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