DE5 5 postcodes Amber Valley

This is a list of postcodes in the DE5 5 area covering the areas of Codnor, Denby, Ripley, Amber Valley.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
DE5 5LN53.141673-1.346444443815360702SK438607No
DE5 5LP53.14272-1.345591443871360819SK438608No
DE5 5LQ53.141733-1.347534443742360708SK437607No
DE5 5LR53.143361-1.346194443830360890SK438608No
DE5 5LS53.14271-1.348701443663360816SK436608No
DE5 5LT53.143986-1.347037443773360959SK437609No
DE5 5LU53.142453-1.347778443725360788SK437607No
DE5 5LW53.140025-1.349205443632360517SK436605No
DE5 5LX53.140246-1.350098443572360541SK435605No
DE5 5LY53.141514-1.348629443669360683SK436606No
DE5 5LZ53.140047-1.363242442693360511SK426605No
DE5 5NB53.147989-1.332847444718361413SK447614No
DE5 5ND53.145863-1.336887444450361174SK444611No
DE5 5NE53.146835-1.337215444427361282SK444612No
DE5 5NF53.147334-1.333036444706361340SK447613No
DE5 5NG53.145546-1.32218445434361148SK454611No
DE5 5NH53.144636-1.326485445147361044SK451610No
DE5 5NJ53.149893-1.335823444517361623SK445616No
DE5 5NL53.150302-1.334994444572361669SK445616No
DE5 5NN53.151695-1.334868444579361824SK445618No
DE5 5NP53.153873-1.338602444327362064SK443620No
DE5 5NQ53.144768-1.324479445281361060SK452610No
DE5 5NR53.13867-1.349733443598360366SK435603No
DE5 5NT53.143887-1.340385444218360952SK442609No
DE5 5NU53.143327-1.343279444025360888SK440608No
DE5 5NW53.145154-1.34684443785361089SK437610No
DE5 5NX53.138968-1.348204443700360400SK437604No
DE5 5NY53.13952-1.347269443762360462SK437604No
DE5 5NZ53.137717-1.351347443491360259SK434602No
DE5 5PA53.137516-1.350663443537360237SK435602No
DE5 5PB53.137029-1.350371443557360183SK435601No
DE5 5PD53.136037-1.351477443484360072SK434600No
DE5 5PE53.135381-1.349753443600360000SK436600No
DE5 5PF53.137066-1.345572443878360190SK438601No
DE5 5PG53.135777-1.343409444024360048SK440600No
DE5 5PH53.136781-1.349463443618360156SK436601No
DE5 5PJ53.138992-1.344482443949360405SK439604No
DE5 5PL53.138985-1.346365443823360403SK438604No
DE5 5PN53.138935-1.345454443884360398SK438603No
DE5 5PP53.144567-1.339926444248361028SK442610No
DE5 5PQ53.141286-1.344731443930360660SK439606No
DE5 5PR53.140672-1.34761443738360590SK437605No
DE5 5PS53.146412-1.338597444335361234SK443612No
DE5 5PT53.146904-1.338171444363361289SK443612No
DE5 5PU53.147261-1.337822444386361329SK443613No
DE5 5PW53.143607-1.338655444334360922SK443609No
DE5 5PX53.143487-1.337985444379360909SK443609No
DE5 5PY53.143374-1.337015444444360897SK444608No
DE5 5PZ53.14266-1.337982444380360817SK443608No
DE5 5QA53.143844-1.337471444413360949SK444609No
DE5 5QB53.143154-1.339559444274360871SK442608No
DE5 5QD53.14302-1.339696444265360856SK442608No
DE5 5QE53.137124-1.346349443826360196SK438601No
DE5 5QF53.144009-1.339786444258360966SK442609No
DE5 5QG53.143216-1.341054444174360877SK441608No
DE5 5QH53.144287-1.336432444482360999SK444609No
DE5 5QJ53.137058-1.352478443416360185SK434601No
DE5 5QN53.136149-1.348979443651360086SK436600No
DE5 5QP53.137283-1.347557443745360213SK437602No
DE5 5QR53.137843-1.346412443821360276SK438602No
DE5 5QS53.137181-1.345286443897360203SK438602No
DE5 5QT53.13717-1.348231443700360200SK437601No
DE5 5QW53.136541-1.348256443699360130SK436601No
DE5 5QX53.139548-1.345744443864360466SK438604No
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