DN15 0 postcodes North Lincolnshire

This is a list of postcodes in the DN15 0 area covering the areas of Alkborough, Appleby, Burton upon Stather, Coleby, Dragonby, Flixborough, Flixborough Ind Estate, Foxhills Ind Estate, Gunness, High Risby, High Santon, Low Risby, Low Santon, Normanby, Roxby, Scunthorpe, Thealby, West Halton, Whitton, Wintringham, Winterton, North Lincolnshire. The area contains approximately 421 households with a population of about 1,051 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
DN15 0AA53.620984-0.566366494923414782SE949147Yes
DN15 0AB53.624486-0.568303494787415169SE947151No
DN15 0AD53.622679-0.565709494963414971SE949149Yes
DN15 0AE53.621956-0.568707494766414887SE947148Yes
DN15 0AG53.622259-0.563994495077414927SE950149Yes
DN15 0AH53.62355-0.558431495442415078SE954150Yes
DN15 0AJ53.622245-0.559065495403414932SE954149Yes
DN15 0AL53.621367-0.559812495356414833SE953148Yes
DN15 0AN53.621041-0.559832495355414797SE953147Yes
DN15 0AP53.621936-0.561011495275414895SE952148Yes
DN15 0AQ53.625017-0.559379495376415240SE953152Yes
DN15 0AR53.621414-0.564673495034414832SE950148Yes
DN15 0AS53.620856-0.564662495036414770SE950147Yes
DN15 0AT53.620286-0.56208495208414710SE952147Yes
DN15 0AW53.620633-0.56033495323414751SE953147Yes
DN15 0AX53.618196-0.56395495089414475SE950144Yes
DN15 0BA53.598244-0.640471490070412156SE900121Yes
DN15 0BB53.642222-0.604855492331417094SE923170Yes
DN15 0BD53.636868-0.629338490724416467SE907164Yes
DN15 0BE53.615391-0.634629490420414071SE904140Yes
DN15 0BG53.590536-0.629886490787411312SE907113No
DN15 0BH53.619774-0.620956491315414576SE913145Yes
DN15 0BJ53.639716-0.616676491555416800SE915167Yes
DN15 0BL53.642096-0.607694492144417076SE921170Yes
DN15 0BN53.643717-0.600494492616417266SE926172Yes
DN15 0BP53.640444-0.609367492037416890SE920168Yes
DN15 0BQ53.615358-0.629354490769414074SE907140Yes
DN15 0BS53.640242-0.611637491887416865SE918168Yes
DN15 0BT53.632493-0.608473492113416007SE921160Yes
DN15 0BU53.620661-0.609059492100414690SE920146Yes
DN15 0BW53.641784-0.607396492164417042SE921170Yes
DN15 0BX53.621593-0.592638493184414815SE931148Yes
DN15 0BY53.619066-0.563845495094414572SE950145Yes
DN15 0BZ53.606932-0.563154495167413223SE951132Yes
DN15 0DA53.603155-0.5623495232412804SE952128Yes
DN15 0DB53.587079-0.547828496226411035SE962110Yes
DN15 0DD53.587554-0.565311495068411064SE950110Yes
DN15 0DE53.602166-0.577814494208412673SE942126Yes
DN15 0DF53.603941-0.580651494016412867SE940128Yes
DN15 0DG53.597343-0.589848493422412121SE934121Yes
DN15 0DH53.596475-0.641923489978411957SE899119Yes
DN15 0DJ53.641909-0.60656492219417057SE922170Yes
DN15 0DQ53.596119-0.596522492983411976SE929119Yes
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