EC4N 1 postcodes City of London

This is a list of postcodes in the EC4N 1 area covering the areas of Mansion House, City of London. The area contains approximately 1 households with a population of about 1 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
EC4N 1HP51.513504-0.092006532495181123TQ324811No
EC4N 1SA51.513348-0.092231532480181105TQ324811Yes
EC4N 1SB51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1SD51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1SE51.513346-0.092257532478181105TQ324811Yes
EC4N 1SH51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 1SJ51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 1SL51.512481-0.092178532486181009TQ324810No
EC4N 1SN51.512471-0.092121532490181008TQ324810No
EC4N 1SP51.513288-0.092562532457181098TQ324810Yes
EC4N 1SQ51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1SR51.513065-0.092644532452181073TQ324810Yes
EC4N 1ST51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1SU51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1SW51.513441-0.092556532457181115TQ324811Yes
EC4N 1SX51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1SY51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1TA51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1TD51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 1TE51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TH51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TJ51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TL51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TN51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1TP51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TQ51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TR51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TS51.512349-0.09289532437180993TQ324809No
EC4N 1TT51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TU51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 1TX51.512984-0.092676532450181064TQ324810Yes
EC4N 1TY51.512968-0.092806532441181062TQ324810No
EC4N 1UA51.512968-0.092806532441181062TQ324810No
EC4N 1UD51.513576-0.092594532454181130TQ324811No
EC4N 1UE51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1UH51.513319-0.093383532400181100TQ323810No
EC4N 1WX51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XB51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XD51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XH51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XJ51.512481-0.092178532486181009TQ324810No
EC4N 1XL51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1XN51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 1YD51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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