EC4N 4 postcodes City of London

This is a list of postcodes in the EC4N 4 area covering the areas of Mansion House, City of London.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
EC4N 4BH51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 4DQ51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 4SA51.512422-0.092973532431181001TQ324810Yes
EC4N 4SB51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4SD51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 4SE51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 4SF51.512447-0.092842532440181004TQ324810Yes
EC4N 4SG51.512398-0.093118532421180998TQ324809Yes
EC4N 4SH51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 4SJ51.512542-0.093548532391181013TQ323810Yes
EC4N 4SL51.512444-0.09486532300181000TQ323809No
EC4N 4SN51.512444-0.09486532300181000TQ323809No
EC4N 4SP51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 4SQ51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 4SR51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 4SS51.513089-0.09136532541181078TQ325810No
EC4N 4ST51.512092-0.094198532347180962TQ323809No
EC4N 4SU51.512444-0.09486532300181000TQ323809No
EC4N 4SW51.512421-0.09342532400181000TQ324810No
EC4N 4SX51.513019-0.09204532494181069TQ324810No
EC4N 4SY51.513311-0.090673532588181104TQ325811No
EC4N 4TA51.512467-0.091847532509181008TQ325810No
EC4N 4TB51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4TH51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 4TJ51.512471-0.092121532490181008TQ324810No
EC4N 4TL51.512471-0.092121532490181008TQ324810No
EC4N 4TN51.524565-0.112042531073182317TQ310823No
EC4N 4TP51.512467-0.091847532509181008TQ325810No
EC4N 4TQ51.512712-0.090773532583181037TQ325810Yes
EC4N 4TR51.512937-0.091888532505181060TQ325810Yes
EC4N 4TS51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4TT51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4TU51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4TW51.513019-0.09204532494181069TQ324810No
EC4N 4TX51.511545-0.094898532300180900TQ322808No
EC4N 4TY51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4TZ51.51287-0.092306532476181052TQ324810Yes
EC4N 4UA51.512109-0.094154532350180964TQ323809Yes
EC4N 4UB51.511545-0.094898532300180900TQ322808No
EC4N 4UD51.512092-0.094198532347180962TQ323809No
EC4N 4UJ51.512467-0.091847532509181008TQ325810No
EC4N 4UQ51.512467-0.091847532509181008TQ325810No
EC4N 4XN51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4XP51.512397-0.09198532500181000TQ324809No
EC4N 4XX51.512374-0.09054532600181000TQ325810No
EC4N 4XY51.513112-0.090062532631181083TQ326810Yes
EC4N 4YA51.513112-0.090062532631181083TQ326810Yes
EC4N 4YE51.513112-0.090062532631181083TQ326810Yes
EC4N 4YL51.512374-0.09054532600181000TQ325810No
EC4N 4YY51.512595-0.090876532576181024TQ325810No
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