EC4N 5 postcodes City of London

This is a list of postcodes in the EC4N 5 area covering the areas of Mansion House, City of London. The area contains approximately 4 households with a population of about 6 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
EC4N 5AA51.512314-0.092935532434180989TQ324809Yes
EC4N 5AB51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 5AD51.511608-0.089753532657180916TQ326809Yes
EC4N 5AE51.511733-0.090267532621180929TQ326809Yes
EC4N 5AF51.511614-0.089736532658180917TQ326809Yes
EC4N 5AG51.511636-0.089951532643180919TQ326809Yes
EC4N 5AH51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5AJ51.511203-0.087579532809180875TQ328808Yes
EC4N 5AL51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5AN51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5AP51.511734-0.08937532683180931TQ326809No
EC4N 5AQ51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5AR51.511566-0.089521532673180912TQ326809No
EC4N 5AS51.511619-0.089476532676180918TQ326809No
EC4N 5AT51.511456-0.088834532721180901TQ327809Yes
EC4N 5AU51.511419-0.08868532732180897TQ327808Yes
EC4N 5AW51.511519-0.089267532691180907TQ326809Yes
EC4N 5AX51.511417-0.088663532733180897TQ327808Yes
EC4N 5AY51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5BA51.511253-0.08743532819180881TQ328808No
EC4N 5BB51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5BD51.510553-0.089175532700180800TQ326807No
EC4N 5BE51.511791-0.090103532632180936TQ326809No
EC4N 5BH51.511522-0.093458532400180900TQ323808No
EC4N 5BJ51.510553-0.089175532700180800TQ326807No
EC4N 5BL51.510553-0.089175532700180800TQ326807No
EC4N 5BN51.512193-0.092147532489180977TQ324809No
EC4N 5BP51.51129-0.088034532777180884TQ327808No
EC4N 5BQ51.511279-0.08789532787180883TQ327808No
EC4N 5BU51.510553-0.089175532700180800TQ326807No
EC4N 5BX51.511452-0.089137532700180900TQ327809No
EC4N 5DA51.511475-0.090577532600180900TQ326808No
EC4N 5DR51.511742-0.089831532651180931TQ326809No
EC4N 5EA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5EB51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5HA51.51227-0.092432532469180985TQ324809No
EC4N 5JA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5WG51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5WL51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5WN51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4N 5XQ51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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