EC4Y 7 postcodes City of London

This is a list of postcodes in the EC4Y 7 area covering the areas of Temple, City of London. The area contains approximately 43 households with a population of about 67 (2011 census)

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PostcodeLatitudeLongitudeEastingNorthingGrid referenceActive?
EC4Y 7AA51.512967-0.110504531213181030TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7AB51.512879-0.110638531204181020TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7AD51.512724-0.112143531100181000TQ310810No
EC4Y 7AE51.512724-0.112143531100181000TQ310810No
EC4Y 7AH51.51283-0.11083531191181014TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AJ51.51278-0.111034531177181008TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AL51.512724-0.112143531100181000TQ310810No
EC4Y 7AN51.512844-0.11123531163181015TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AP51.512934-0.111255531161181025TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AR51.512976-0.110954531182181030TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AS51.512554-0.111083531174180983TQ311809Yes
EC4Y 7AT51.512417-0.110974531182180968TQ311809Yes
EC4Y 7AX51.513434-0.110921531183181081TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7AY51.51336-0.11092531183181073TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BA51.513252-0.110798531192181061TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BB51.513459-0.109792531261181086TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7BD51.51306-0.110688531200181040TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BE51.513062-0.110832531190181040TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BH51.513187-0.111317531156181053TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BJ51.513267-0.111285531158181062TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BL51.513474-0.110728531196181086TQ311810Yes
EC4Y 7BP51.513606-0.109426531286181103TQ312811Yes
EC4Y 7BS51.513416-0.109221531301181082TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7BT51.512677-0.109262531300181000TQ313809No
EC4Y 7BX51.513436-0.109462531284181084TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7BY51.513249-0.109585531276181063TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7DA51.512919-0.109645531273181026TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7DB51.513312-0.10902531315181071TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7DD51.512677-0.109262531300181000TQ313809No
EC4Y 7DE51.513168-0.109012531316181055TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7DH51.512677-0.109262531300181000TQ313809No
EC4Y 7DJ51.513071-0.108583531346181045TQ313810No
EC4Y 7DL51.512954-0.108574531347181032TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7DN51.512801-0.108566531348181015TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7DQ51.513071-0.108598531345181045TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7DR51.512657-0.108572531348180999TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7DS51.51245-0.108537531351180976TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7DT51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7DU51.512297-0.108572531349180959TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7DX51.512163-0.108578531349180944TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7EA51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7EB51.512027-0.108526531353180929TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7ED51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7EH51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7EJ51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7EL51.511686-0.108583531350180891TQ313808Yes
EC4Y 7EN51.51156-0.108588531350180877TQ313808Yes
EC4Y 7EP51.512583-0.109457531287180989TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7EQ51.511848-0.108576531350180909TQ313809Yes
EC4Y 7ER51.511802-0.11074531200180900TQ311809No
EC4Y 7ET51.51241-0.109418531290180970TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7EU51.512313-0.109523531283180959TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7EX51.512142-0.109403531292180940TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7HA51.511802-0.11074531200180900TQ311809No
EC4Y 7HB51.512048-0.109289531300180930TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7HE51.511778-0.1093531300180900TQ312808No
EC4Y 7HH51.512537-0.110468531217180982TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7HJ51.51251-0.110624531206180979TQ312809Yes
EC4Y 7HL51.512963-0.109697531269181031TQ312810Yes
EC4Y 7HR51.513071-0.108598531345181045TQ313810Yes
EC4Y 7HS51.524565-0.112042531073182317TQ310823No
EC4Y 7JA51.512963-0.109697531269181031TQ312810No
EC4Y 7LA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4Y 7WA51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
EC4Y 7WN51.524503-0.112088531070182310TQ310823No
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