EC88 postcodes London (no longer in use)

This is a list of postcodes in the EC88 area covering the areas of Non-geographic, London (no longer in use).

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
EC88 1AA51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1AB51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1AQ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1AS51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1AT51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1AU51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BB51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BD51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BE51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BH51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BJ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BL51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BN51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BP51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BQ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BR51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BS51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BT51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BU51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1BX51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1DA51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1DB51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1DD51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HA51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HB51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HD51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HE51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HH51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HJ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HL51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HN51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HP51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1HR51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1NG51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SD51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SE51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SH51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SJ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SL51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SN51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SP51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SQ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SR51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SS51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ST51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SU51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SX51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1SY51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TA51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TB51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TD51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TE51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TH51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TJ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TL51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1TQ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1XX51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZT51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZU51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZW51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZX51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZY51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 1ZZ51.526579-0.080993533221182597TQ332825No
EC88 2NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 3NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 4NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 5NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 6NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 7NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 8NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
EC88 9NG51.508024-0.064393534427180564TQ344805No
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