G83 7 postcodes West Dunbartonshire

This is a list of postcodes in the G83 7 area covering the areas of Ardlui, Balloch, Bonhill, Gartocharn, Luss, Renton, Tarbet, West Dunbartonshire. The area contains approximately 367 households with a population of about 908 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
G83 7AA56.201869-4.74455229840704419NN298044Yes
G83 7AB56.196341-4.744994229788703805NN297038Yes
G83 7AD56.196209-4.747274229646703796NN296037Yes
G83 7AE56.194168-4.748143229583703571NN295035Yes
G83 7AF56.194016-4.747681229611703553NN296035Yes
G83 7AG56.194017-4.749277229512703557NN295035Yes
G83 7AH56.184231-4.770867228129702522NN281025Yes
G83 7AJ56.207357-4.74233230002705024NN300050Yes
G83 7AL56.209055-4.749241229581705230NN295052Yes
G83 7AN56.209018-4.744449229878705214NN298052Yes
G83 7AP56.206896-4.750538229491704993NN294049Yes
G83 7AQ56.192497-4.753763229227703399NN292033Yes
G83 7AR56.186549-4.784138227316702813NN273028Yes
G83 7AS56.210113-4.832539224421705557NN244055Yes
G83 7AT56.192049-4.749652229480703339NN294033No
G83 7AU56.199834-4.745969229743704196NN297041Yes
G83 7AW56.210266-4.745715229805705356NN298053Yes
G83 7AX56.193076-4.751579229365703458NN293034Yes
G83 7AY56.196619-4.745417229763703837NN297038Yes
G83 7AZ56.162241-4.777465227621700092NN276000Yes
G83 7BA55.994081-4.577795239318680901NS393809No
G83 7BB56.197355-4.747098229662703923NN296039Yes
G83 7BD56.19587-4.74517229775703753NN297037Yes
G83 7BE56.196023-4.746357229702703773NN297037Yes
G83 7BF56.21064-4.747484229697705402NN296054Yes
G83 7BG56.195479-4.744545229812703708NN298037Yes
G83 7DA56.202817-4.72364231141704473NN311044Yes
G83 7DB56.204091-4.717635231519704600NN315046Yes
G83 7DD56.204912-4.712613231834704679NN318046Yes
G83 7DE56.205035-4.709848232006704686NN320046Yes
G83 7DF56.205099-4.710611231959704695NN319046Yes
G83 7DG56.206074-4.706745232203704794NN322047Yes
G83 7DH56.189137-4.700748232501702895NN325028Yes
G83 7DJ56.184287-4.693976232900702339NN329023No
G83 7DL56.174203-4.683232233523701191NN335011Yes
G83 7DN56.218219-4.695939232926706119NN329061Yes
G83 7DP56.246884-4.713128231986709350NN319093Yes
G83 7DQ56.199632-4.706226232207704076NN322040Yes
G83 7DR56.272688-4.720546231640712239NN316122No
G83 7DS56.29697-4.715434232063714928NN320149Yes
G83 7DT56.296275-4.715159232077714850NN320148Yes
G83 7DU56.306648-4.76985228740716139NN287161No
G83 7DW56.244646-4.712324232026709099NN320090Yes
G83 7DX56.328361-4.721773231809718436NN318184Yes
G83 7DY56.331197-4.71662232140718739NN321187No
G83 7DZ56.338727-4.719162232016719583NN320195Yes
G83 7EA56.304111-4.720549231778715735NN317157No
G83 7EB56.304102-4.7205231781715734NN317157Yes
G83 7ED56.311778-4.726269231458716602NN314166Yes
G83 7EE56.304111-4.720549231778715735NN317157No
G83 7WA56.304111-4.720549231778715735NN317157No
G83 7YA56.205139-4.743042229948704779NN299047No
G83 7YB56.304111-4.720549231778715735NN317157No
G83 7YD55.994082-4.577779239319680901NS393809No
G83 7ZZ56.32858-4.722436231769718462NN317184No
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