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This is a list of postcodes in the GL7 3 area covering the areas of Cirencester, Fairford, Lechlade, Cotswold. The area contains approximately 2,116 households with a population of about 4,701 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
GL7 3QJ51.720796-1.68414421916202499SP219024Yes
GL7 3QL51.726023-1.677124422398203083SP223030Yes
GL7 3QN51.7112-1.675102422545201435SP225014Yes
GL7 3QP51.710675-1.670807422842201378SP228013Yes
GL7 3QQ51.709506-1.68044422177201245SP221012Yes
GL7 3QR51.716298-1.665498423206202005SP232020Yes
GL7 3QS51.732343-1.637042425163203799SP251037Yes
GL7 3QT51.737657-1.633959425373204391SP253043Yes
GL7 3QU51.739718-1.631885425515204621SP255046Yes
GL7 3QW51.710242-1.673503422656201329SP226013Yes
GL7 3QX51.741536-1.632537425469204823SP254048Yes
GL7 3QY51.755411-1.644608424628206362SP246063Yes
GL7 3QZ51.753536-1.65501423911206150SP239061Yes
GL7 3RA51.740642-1.67382422619204710SP226047Yes
GL7 3RB51.746164-1.684151421903205321SP219053Yes
GL7 3RD51.756693-1.675617422487206494SP224064Yes
GL7 3RE51.766248-1.6802422166207556SP221075Yes
GL7 3RF51.730196-1.65235424107203555SP241035Yes
GL7 3RG51.720686-1.629782425671202505SP256025Yes
GL7 3RH51.728943-1.616567426579203428SP265034Yes
GL7 3RJ51.723391-1.646712424500202800SP245027No
GL7 3RL51.729947-1.713454419887203509SP198035Yes
GL7 3RQ51.746251-1.683237421966205331SP219053No
GL7 3RX51.746251-1.683237421966205331SP219053No
GL7 3RY51.696866-1.691106421446199836SU214998Yes
GL7 3RZ51.696922-1.695562421138199841SU211998Yes
GL7 3SB51.702642-1.692644421337200478SP213004Yes
GL7 3SD51.704032-1.68757421687200634SP216006Yes
GL7 3SE51.704893-1.687129421717200730SP217007Yes
GL7 3SF51.70371-1.688397421630200598SP216005Yes
GL7 3SG51.701942-1.693184421300200400SP213003No
GL7 3WA51.703719-1.688454421626200599SP216005No
GL7 3WD51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010No
GL7 3WE51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3WF51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010Yes
GL7 3WG51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010No
GL7 3WR51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3WS51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010Yes
GL7 3WT51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3WU51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3WX51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3WY51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3WZ51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3XA51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3XB51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3XD51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3XE51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3XZ51.707692-1.781587415189201017SP151010Yes
GL7 3YA51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3YB51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YD51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3YE51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YF51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YG51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3YH51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YJ51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YL51.708942-1.681501422104201182SP221011No
GL7 3YN51.707913-1.782162415149201042SP151010No
GL7 3YP51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YQ51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YR51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YS51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010No
GL7 3YT51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YU51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YW51.701942-1.693184421300200400SP213003No
GL7 3YX51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3YY51.707687-1.781598415188201017SP151010No
GL7 3YZ51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3ZA51.707692-1.781587415189201017SP151010Yes
GL7 3ZE51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3ZR51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3ZS51.717057-1.969048402235202037SP022020No
GL7 3ZT51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
GL7 3ZX51.70167-1.960058402857200326SP028003No
  • Page 2 of 2 (274 postcodes, 221 active)

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