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This is a list of postcodes in the HD1 1 area covering the areas of Huddersfield Town Centre, Hillhouse, Lockwood, Marsh, Paddock, Kirklees. The area contains approximately 205 households with a population of about 315 (2011 census)

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
HD1 1TZ53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1UA53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1UD53.653691-1.729137418000417500SE180174No
HD1 1UE53.658234-1.751805416500418000SE165179No
HD1 1UF53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1UH53.655657-1.818395412100417700SE121176No
HD1 1UJ53.660074-1.772979415100418200SE151181No
HD1 1UL53.663575-1.72756418100418600SE181185No
HD1 1UN53.663575-1.72756418100418600SE181185No
HD1 1UP53.650207-1.783622414400417100SE144170No
HD1 1UQ53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1UR53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1US53.645712-1.783645414400416600SE144165No
HD1 1UT53.645712-1.783645414400416600SE144165No
HD1 1UU53.639432-1.789727414000415900SE140158No
HD1 1UW53.653802-1.783604414400417500SE144174No
HD1 1UX53.632252-1.795812413600415100SE136150No
HD1 1UY53.632252-1.795812413600415100SE136150No
HD1 1UZ53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WB53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WD53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WF53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WH53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WJ53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WL53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WN53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1WQ53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1WR53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WT53.64217-1.815428412300416200SE122161No
HD1 1WU53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1WW53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1WX53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1XA53.670879-1.783517414400419400SE143193No
HD1 1XB53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1XD53.632205-1.770104415300415100SE153150No
HD1 1XE53.632252-1.795812413600415100SE136150No
HD1 1XF53.645729-1.792722413800416600SE137165No
HD1 1XG53.658309-1.791147413900418000SE139179No
HD1 1XH53.639481-1.819977412000415900SE120158No
HD1 1XJ53.648438-1.781545414538416903SE145169Yes
HD1 1XL53.648423-1.781544414538416902SE145169Yes
HD1 1XN53.648438-1.781545414538416903SE145169Yes
HD1 1XP53.642929-1.739794417300416300SE173162No
HD1 1XQ53.642929-1.739794417300416300SE173162No
HD1 1XR53.616987-1.804956413000413400SE129133No
HD1 1XS53.656495-1.782077414500417800SE145177No
HD1 1XU53.642109-1.779126414700416200SE147161No
HD1 1XW53.64836-1.757914416100416900SE161168No
HD1 1XX53.626824-1.776182414900414500SE149144No
HD1 1XY53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1XZ53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1YA53.631294-1.764061415700415000SE156149No
HD1 1YD53.668183-1.783531414400419100SE143190No
HD1 1YE53.651037-1.748822416700417200SE166171No
HD1 1YF53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1YG53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
HD1 1YH53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1YJ53.648423-1.781544414538416902SE145169No
HD1 1YL53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1YN53.650223-1.7927413800417100SE137170No
HD1 1YP53.642158-1.807865412800416200SE128161No
HD1 1YQ53.648423-1.781544414538416902SE145169Yes
HD1 1YR53.634088-1.82412000415300SE120152No
HD1 1YS53.634088-1.82412000415300SE120152No
HD1 1YT53.634088-1.82412000415300SE120152No
HD1 1YU53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1YW53.650228-1.795725413600417100SE136170No
HD1 1YX53.634088-1.82412000415300SE120152No
HD1 1YY53.648099-1.781455414544416866SE145168No
HD1 1YZ53.661839-1.756324416200418400SE162183No
HD1 1ZN53.648333-1.781499414541416892SE145168No
  • Page 2 of 2 (271 postcodes, 75 active)

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