HP22 7 postcodes Aylesbury Vale

This is a list of postcodes in the HP22 7 area covering the areas of Aston Abbotts, Aston Clinton, Bierton, Buckland, Drayton Beauchamp, Dunsmore, Halton, Hardwick, Hulcott, North Lee, Nup End, Oving, Pitchcott, Quainton, Rowsham, Stoke Mandeville, Weedon, Wendover, Weston Turville, Whitchurch, Wingrave, Aylesbury Vale.

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Postcode Latitude Longitude Easting Northing Grid reference Active?
HP22 7AA51.823047-0.7831483968214525SP839145Yes
HP22 7AB51.823315-0.782977483976214555SP839145Yes
HP22 7AD51.822594-0.782807483989214475SP839144Yes
HP22 7AE51.822708-0.78337483950214487SP839144Yes
HP22 7AF51.822896-0.784163483895214507SP838145Yes
HP22 7AG51.82381-0.779524484213214614SP842146Yes
HP22 7AH51.824648-0.779661484202214707SP842147Yes
HP22 7AJ51.822982-0.780345484158214521SP841145Yes
HP22 7AL51.823461-0.780578484141214574SP841145Yes
HP22 7AN51.823288-0.77948484217214556SP842145Yes
HP22 7AP51.82321-0.778859484260214548SP842145Yes
HP22 7AQ51.824139-0.780937484115214649SP841146Yes
HP22 7AR51.824238-0.780064484175214661SP841146Yes
HP22 7AS51.824448-0.779449484217214685SP842146Yes
HP22 7AT51.824584-0.778705484268214701SP842147Yes
HP22 7AU51.8242-0.77815484307214659SP843146Yes
HP22 7AW51.823605-0.779733484199214591SP841145Yes
HP22 7AX51.822734-0.778059484316214496SP843144Yes
HP22 7AY51.823887-0.775648484480214627SP844146Yes
HP22 7AZ51.823741-0.775434484495214611SP844146Yes
HP22 7BA51.82465-0.776396484427214711SP844147Yes
HP22 7BB51.825263-0.777439484354214778SP843147Yes
HP22 7BD51.824323-0.776057484451214675SP844146Yes
HP22 7BE51.824603-0.777109484378214705SP843147Yes
HP22 7BF51.824839-0.77732484363214731SP843147Yes
HP22 7BG51.821759-0.775996484460214390SP844143Yes
HP22 7BH51.822546-0.775539484490214478SP844144Yes
HP22 7BJ51.822631-0.775929484463214487SP844144Yes
HP22 7BL51.822783-0.774967484529214505SP845145Yes
HP22 7BN51.822056-0.776873484399214422SP843144Yes
HP22 7BP51.822099-0.775827484471214428SP844144Yes
HP22 7BQ51.824991-0.772948484664214753SP846147Yes
HP22 7BR51.827492-0.773054484652215031SP846150Yes
HP22 7BS51.825777-0.770707484817214843SP848148Yes
HP22 7BT51.825212-0.77078484813214780SP848147Yes
HP22 7BU51.825312-0.770023484865214792SP848147Yes
HP22 7BW51.825308-0.769675484889214792SP848147Yes
HP22 7BX51.831273-0.766566485092215459SP850154Yes
HP22 7BY51.826115-0.769464484902214882SP849148Yes
HP22 7BZ51.826062-0.76697485074214879SP850148Yes
HP22 7DA51.825178-0.767603485032214780SP850147Yes
HP22 7DB51.826901-0.767208485056214972SP850149Yes
HP22 7DD51.826155-0.768157484992214888SP849148Yes
HP22 7DE51.826148-0.767417485043214888SP850148Yes
HP22 7DF51.832721-0.769168484910215617SP849156Yes
HP22 7DG51.831778-0.766712485081215515SP850155Yes
HP22 7DH51.830269-0.766884485072215347SP850153Yes
HP22 7DJ51.830698-0.765769485148215396SP851153Yes
HP22 7DL51.830192-0.766378485107215339SP851153Yes
HP22 7DN51.83041-0.765748485150215364SP851153Yes
HP22 7DP51.827672-0.772164484713215052SP847150Yes
HP22 7DQ51.827978-0.772214484709215086SP847150Yes
HP22 7DR51.828362-0.772842484665215128SP846151Yes
HP22 7DS51.828696-0.772122484714215166SP847151Yes
HP22 7DT51.824229-0.767948485010214674SP850146Yes
HP22 7DU51.824511-0.76913484928214704SP849147Yes
HP22 7DW51.824081-0.767561485037214658SP850146Yes
HP22 7DX51.824585-0.766734485093214715SP850147Yes
HP22 7DY51.82418-0.766673485098214670SP850146Yes
HP22 7DZ51.823724-0.768702484959214617SP849146Yes
HP22 7EA51.824022-0.769666484892214649SP848146Yes
HP22 7EB51.823805-0.770369484844214624SP848146Yes
HP22 7ED51.823743-0.769601484897214618SP848146Yes
HP22 7EE51.823914-0.770511484834214636SP848146Yes
HP22 7EH51.823187-0.770603484829214555SP848145Yes
HP22 7EJ51.822256-0.77279484680214449SP846144Yes
HP22 7EP51.824404-0.770033484866214691SP848146Yes
HP22 7ES51.826067-0.770017484864214876SP848148Yes
HP22 7EU51.831931-0.770205484840215528SP848155Yes
HP22 7EX51.832199-0.769124484914215559SP849155Yes
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